April 3, 2017



Perhaps the Red Queen is real. 

What a wonderful costume this one is.  I never get tired of shooting the wonderful people I find at Comic Con, and all I can hope is that you haven’t grown tired of seeing them.

  • Himself:  Went to a fundraiser bowling gathering, and now only did he fall once but he exercised for three hours.  He hurts today.

  • Herself:  Clothing was my focus as I voyeured at the bowling then sat front row at our Sunday meeting looking good.  Was able to laugh at myself with my tougue stuck in my cheek.  The arm bag leaked this morning, and the giaant brace is now in the washer dryer.  Deleting photos from Photobucket and checking all my blog links today.

  • Reading:  Cadel. 
  • J  I took one with me to the bowling alley and dropped it as we got in the car and drove away.  This one is not replaceable as it’s a sixties book.  It was still there on the ground when we drove back to find it.  Stopped in to my favorite independente bookstore before the bowling and ordered the new Moon, and bought a new to me author William Broderick.  Looks like fun.

  • Gratitudes:  That we found that old but delightful Cadel.


    1. I bet George IS sore ... gads. Bowling is an all-body sport, you know! :) I am always fascinated when I see the costumes people create for ComicCon. Imaginations run wild! Speaking of books, I gave the Kindle Fire back to my niece--it was heavier than my old Kindle and I couldn't get used to the touch screen. Simple is oftentimes better. Glad I could try one out before putting the $$ out on one, only to find I didn't like it as well as my old one. I'm mailing my last read paperback book to a woman up in Oregon who posted on the FaceBookies site that she liked the book, so I offered it to her.

    2. p.s. I just subscribed to your "the Wednesday chef" blog. Good stuff!

      1. I'm working my way through all my links to make sure they are good. So far they all are good.

    3. Marvellous costume and makeup. Great attention to detail. Those lips!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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