April 27, 2017


The MV Maasdam was in port yesterday, much to my surprise.  We wandered over to Shelter Island to get rid of the bird food seeds G’s local birds wouldn’t eat….small black seeds and corn.  As he scattered the seeds surrounded by pigeons and grackles, I photographed the Maasdam.

I who long to go somewhere on the water, am with to G who finds himself seasick in smaller vessels.  I also cannot eat the foods onboard the HAL ships….darn, because I am fond of their smaller ships.  Instead, we have full days on land. 

Gifted with free passes, tonight we are going to try a local fancy movie house.  They bring your food to your table, and you can sit back in complete comfort while gaining weight.  The food looks good too.  Tomorrow night is the first pot luck of the year at our Friday meeting.  G likes to be the cook.  I bring lettuce, tomatoe, and sliced red onion.  He’s bringing a lower calorie version of his grossly over chocolated brownies.  We have added brats to the menu this year….as well as hot dogs and hamburgers. 

Oh, we who diet are in such trouble.


  • Himself:  He made a doctor’s appointment for his knees.  Pool today. Work. Movie.
  • Herself:  Granddaughter has a blue cast and no pins.  She will miss swimming this year.  I swam with a waterproof Band-Aid that was really waterproof.  Buying more.
  • Reading:  An Oak Knoll mystery.  At least I can focus on this one.  Tho it jumps around, I don’t mind.
  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday:Exercise, Got hair all cut off, found a readable books.
  • Gratitude’s:  Hand’s better today, and I’ll take that.


    1. Enjoy the modern take on dinner and a movie!

    2. What a glorious view...and...so glad your hand is feeling improved.

    3. The potluck sounds great. Good weather for brats et. al

    4. We have added brats to the menu this year

      That's one way to deal with obnoxious kiddies. :)

    5. Brownies? Did you say brownies?


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