April 10, 2017


It’s the start of a busy and happy week. 
·       Today errands and air the suitcases.  Did I say they were far, far away on shelves on the other side of the truck?  Carefully as I overused my hand yesterday.
·       Tomorrow:  0945: OT guy at Mercy Hospital.  1315: ENT.  George is kindly missing his company’s new office open house.  Not politically correct.
·       Since we start back on our no sugar/low carb diets next Monday, today we eat cake….which I pick up at Vons. 
·       My big chair in the living room is getting cleaned.  One of the pillows was appallingly brown and spotted, so I need to go next door to Vons to JoAnne’s and get a new pillow innard.
·       Pot roast is going in the slow cooker.  That will do for two days.
·       Wednesday: Talk to the guy who has been doing books at the Shop and see if he is comfortable with my returning.
·       Tabor on Thursday….frankly I am jazzed.  Convention later:  Ice cream social and comedian this evening.  G sets up the literature table and continues to find volunteers to baby sit it in two hour increments.
·       Friday, Saturday, and Sunday till noon:  The Spring Roundup Convention. 

·       Monday:  Home and back in the Pool.


  1. You are getting your groove back, Mage!

  2. I'm a big fan of list, this one is impressive ;-)

  3. Too bad you have nothing to do. :)

  4. Sigh... I was supposed to stay on the low sugar and low carb diet, but I was bad tonight. The Easter pot luck was too tempting.


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