April 8, 2017


2013:  Her Majesty.  I have been known to curtsey to her.

One of G’s coworkers at the Automotive Museum got married.  He’s a really nice young man as is this lovely, tall, thin young lady he married…Don and Anne.  The problem…he got tickets to Comic Con as a past attendee, she’s never been before.  Today was the day non-attendees could buy tickets.   Don and G planned an offensive, and this morning was the time.

Don went online at his home in North Park as himself and as his brother.  George opened two browsers, one as me and one as himself.  Anne used another computer and tried to buy one as herself.  The excitement built from 0815 to nine when the waiting room opened.  More excitement when George was let in to the ticket room.

George was the winner getting four days of tickets for Anne as we all cheered.



  • Himself:  Got Photoshop Elements 15 for the new laptop, but it won’t load.  Says the Comic Con Volunteer emails have arrived.  We loved our jobs last year.  Lunch here; volunteering at the museum today.
  • Herself:  Still coughing.  Most importantly, I am learning how to easily do things with my right hand again.  Practicing keeping my fingers stretched.
  • Poolie posted she is out of the hospital and home again.  Potassium normal again too.  Progress.
  • Reading:  The new Perry.
  • Gratitude’s:  For the day.


  1. Good news on the hands, and on Poolie being home... I can imagine the excitement at getting 4 days of tickets for Anne. Fantastic!! I am grateful for YOU and G!

  2. This made me smile about ComiCon. Our son, his wife and two friends have tickets also and it was the same production for the one in San Diego. There were four of them all at their computers and I am sure they all did a whoop when they got them. Loved the photos!

  3. So happy your hands are so much better and yay for the ComicCon tickets.

  4. Such great costumes! Take it easy on that hand, Mage.


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