May 22, 2017


For several months now, one of my bookcases at the shop was missing a shelf.  To me, it looked like a tooth missing in a row of perfect teeth.  If I am the Booklady, I am responsible.

I asked the great G to help, and he went in Saturday to measure the gap.  Yesterday we returned with tools, a new shelf from Home Dumpo, cut to size for free and in the right color, and installed the whole thing in under half an hour.  The books look really nice now overall. And you bet I am very, very grateful.


  • Himself:  Measuring, lunch, and work at the museum then out to see “Snatched”….fun stuff.  We had a lazy Sunday after and estate sale and fixing the shelf finishing with a meeting at Dusk.
  • Reading:  Finished the Ann Haynes letters, and I have moved back to both Graham and Schlesinger.
  • Herself:  I was astounded by the giant donation at the store on Sunday.  At the estate sale, there were rows of boxed art books, and I bought only two obscure volumes. 
  • Gratitude’s:  George and friends.  Monica got a cookbook I mailed her and loves it.


    1. The week is starting well, Mage!

    2. It's always nice when your 'man' is a 'handy' man.

    3. That's even my good side. ... No wait, the other side is good too!

    4. The hero also has a nice short.

      1. Shirt? Maybe it is his other side? lol


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