May 12, 2017


Sahara’s Quilt.

I’m not at all a good quilter, but I’ve always been taught to keep a record of the work I do.  For years, my quilting projects have suffered from lack of attention.  Yesterday I irritated my thumb no end by creating one or two pages for every quilt and putting them in a binder.

There are two quilts for Alex.  One of the first foster mother’s lost the earliest.  I did a double Jacob’s Ladder for Megan saving fabrics and drawings.  Not one photograph.  I started a quilt for Katheryn but never made it.  We are not in her family’s favor.

Zoe’s Quilt, cotton scrap quilt, 2009.

Detail of Stassa’s quilt, 2003.

I did three quilts just to make quilts.  I haven’t made a quilt for all the grandkids yet. Maybe they can claim one of these three if I don’t get one done for them.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting back to work on Bobbies “Crow” quilt.  Then too, there are two adult-kids who need quilts. 

The House Quilt” designed from standard caabin quilt blocks mixed with images of American Historical Houses.  Scrap quilt, cotton.  2007.

The Red Quilt, Scraps, cotton, stars, 2009.

”The Blue Quilt” or “The Last Quilt”, Cotton scrap, Morris fabrics, 2010.


  • Himself:  Pool, work, dinner early, meeting.  Saturday: Morning, picking up Mia’s books, none: Automobile Museum, and evening: it’s our 34th anniversary and we are out to dinner at Island Prime.  Sunday: Tickets at 10 for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” meeting later.
  • Herself:  Ditto, except that I’ll go along to the museum and go up to the Mingei Museum to see their new show.  Imagine….34 years.
  • Reading:  A new author which I sort of like.
  • 3 Things Done Well Yesterday and Today:Sorted and printed out the quilt information, today got cleared to go back to work then drove on the freeway to the gym where I went to class.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I had another credit card at hand therapy as my MC wouldn’t work there.


    1. Great idea to document the quilts. Harder to do after the fact I imagine.

      1. Yes, if you don't have photos it is. :)

    2. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy each other.

    3. Hey, just read you celebrate your 34th anniversary this weekend ... my good wishes.

      All the best Jan

    4. Replies
      1. Thank you very's wearing well. :)

    5. My sister is a serious quilter so I have seen a few. Your quilt designs are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing

    6. Love your quilts -- especially the pink swirled edge one and the one with the white ruffle... Just lovely. I should be in sewing down the binding on the latest quilt. I had to take part of the binding and outer stitching out because the backing fabric tweaked. Just hate that... But I fixed it and now I'm left with hand sewing. I did cut out three more pillow blanks to make pillows for the gift shop. Don't know if I'll put a ruffle on them or not... Probably should... I take photos of my work, but the photos are scattered all over my hard drive. If I were to be determined and not get side-tracked, I could get them organized, but not sure if I could ever find what I was looking for once they got moved. Notwithstanding, would my WordPress blog be affected??? It's a swamp, that's what it is!!! LOL

    7. P.S, Most importantly, congratulations on your 34th!!! So very happy you two found one another all those years ago. You're a wonderful couple of people and I'm glad you're in my life!

    8. Wow, for not being a good quilter you have a rather extensive and lovely repertoire. I never got beyond small needlepoint projects and crewel embroidery. Haven't sewn anything but hems for drapes in years.

    9. Replies
      1. Imagine...and happy 34th to you with a smooch.

    10. I can't get over it! These are totally spectacular. I love the color and designs. I do so admire people who can create these extraordinary masterpieces. They will be an heirloom for your heirs.


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