May 30, 2017


At Petco Park.

·       It’s baseball season again.  I’ve poked, prodded, and cajoled himself, but no seats have appeared.  He has to purchase them as he is the person with the hefty work schedule.  I have hopes, as we have a few good new players this year.  We aren’t losing every game, and right now the Cubbies are in town.  I know…hope springs eternal.
·       I also have hopes that my new frames will be finished perhaps today.  I like these red frames, but it’s as if I am driving while wearing reading glasses…not a good idea.
·       I worked with binding an old quilt and mending a 1930’s kitchen towel.  My thumb hurts a bit, but I will live.  Now on to G’s costume.
·       G has an appointment late this afternoon with his Kaiser doctor to see about his knee and stomach.  He went to work at six this morning.
·       May Grey and June Gloom are with us.  The skies are dark, but all the city flowers and green trees lift my spirits.  We live in what used to be a Portuguese fishing neighborhood.  As the men were gone so many months, lawns were often cement.  The drought brought us fewer green lawns and more rocks and cacti.  The fish moved.  Many of the Portuguese fishermen first relocated to the Samoans then later further outwards taking their tuna clippers with them.  They took their families last leaving their nice cottages and houses to the Millennials.  Some of the rocks and cacti have been converted to lawns and flowers again.
·       It was a delightful birthday lasting from the BBQ Saturday through Monday.  One friend, Claudia, had 35 years.  Little quiet Annie celebrated 5, and big Ed is still celebrating his 21.  We did dinner with Annie at a new to us Thai place.  G took me out for ice cream.  I get my blood sugar tested Thursday at dawn.  G’s going to drive me as I’m not at all functional without my coffee. 
·       Best of all, I really love my new Blogger Header.  It took me days to figure out how to allow changes in pixels.  I haven’t figured out how to put the words, in large type, under the picture.  The white words in the picture work fine in Bold.  We have progress.

Cropped version of Bougainvillea by the bay.


  1. Yes, I love the bougainvillea. There is an orange house in my daughter's neighborhood that has this color bougainvillea growing all over the south wall. It is stunning.

  2. I love your new header as well. What a view.

  3. I think that is a Hal ship in the distance.

  4. It has been ages since I have gone to a ball game. They do have a special atmosphere.

  5. That's a beautiful header, Mage. I love the photo of you two. It's so happy and loving.


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