June 27, 2017


Our county fair has a theme every year.  This year it’s a western focus, and we were greeted by these two gentlemen on their horses.   Everybody wore cowboy hats…even the elevator operators.  Country western music was everywhere.  We tapped our toes while the fog rolled in and kept us cool.

From the main gate, we went straight to the acres of merchandising buildings.  Stuff…ATT, more stuff, DISH, ATT, and nothing really caught our eyes.  Too many ATT guys leaping out to sell their products.  We stopped and told the car wax guy how much we liked his product.  We both liked this Stuff booth.  He liked that very powerful flashlight (im the middle), but not the price.  Only one booth brought us to a halt.


These were two of our favorite works.  If we were rich, I would have bought the cactus.


The midway was as colorful as it always is even in the fog.  The newest ride was clear in the back, and there were three of those long arms with buckets on the end.  I couldn’t quite figure out the why of it.

There was sheep shearing, a few cows, goats, and longhorns in the big barns on animal change over day.  Following the noise, We found motocross filling the arena with its massive roaring.  Of little interest to us, we wandered away in search of lunch.


He wore his very favorite shirt to the fair this year.  When we were half way through the exhibitor buildings, G found the booth where he bought it...and more patterned shirts.  While the owners hovered over him and his Route 66 shirt, they no long make it and now debated bringing it back, he bought one of Highway 101. 


  1. Fun! I really like the art. My fave was the black and white but then that's what I work in when I can move myself to make any art. Great shirt. Love to see the 101.

  2. Wonderful photos indeed and looks like a great event. Greetings to you!

  3. Very cool shirt. Jim has a few Hawaiian shirts that he bought decades ago and which he loves. Great photos and that art...I would have stopped in my tracks also.

  4. Looks like a fun day, Mage. Love the shirt.

  5. We did have a "Fair" amount of fun this year!

  6. That booth would have stopped me in my tracks too.

  7. I wouldn't wear that shirt, but I am pleased that he does. It brings a sense of joy.


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