September 10, 2017



·       QUILT: I finished replacing the terribly sun damaged border on this quilt.  The rose colored cotton fabric isn’t quite a match, but I am very pleased.
·       VISITING: Every day we go see Captain Poolie for a short visit.  Each day we have arrived with a Root Beer float in hand. (My grandma’s favorite.)  Yesterday we arrived with cheap Costco vanilla ice cream and Mexican orange Fanta, Mexican Coca Cola, and root beer.  (Made with real sugar.)  We will text her this morning and ask, for pro forma’s sake, if she wants us to bring her a float.
·       POOLIE’S condition is vastly improved.  THE BAD: The direct pellet chemo causes a beyond terrible headache, and the cyber knife radiation makes her vomit for hours.  THE GOOD:  The tumor in her brain has no Lymphoma in it.  The tumor isn’t malignant.
·       US: He has become addicted to “Game of Thrones.”  I remain reactionary to the violence.  I flat out cannot watch it.  He’s watching one episode at lunch and one after dinner then sharing his excitements with Poolie.
·       ME:  Getting little besides exercise and work accomplished.  I’m eating pretty good until faced with chocolate in any form.  Just like with alcohol, I am unable to pass up an exceptional chocolate chip cookie.  My support system laughs at me or becomes controlling.  I am not at all amused.
·       READING:  I am almost done with “Katherine Graham’s Washington.”  The essays become endless after a while as does the dry recounting in “Elizabeth the Queen.”  Perhaps my online retrained brain can only enjoy short and pithy stuff now.  I alternate those two with Elizabeth Cadell and the new J.P. Beaumont.  The Beaumont is winning at the moment.
·       GRATITUDE:  Every day my back is better.  One of those two falls perhaps caused my whole back to seize up.  Could have been my idiosyncratic response to 20 days of antibiotics too.  But it is better.  I can motivate now without Tylenol.


  1. Poor Captain Poolie....such misery to endure. But oh the good news.....the brain tumour is NOT malignant. Hip Hip....Hooray!!!!

  2. I still have a bad taste from my reading of GoT. I got half way through book 4 and tossed it aside because it was going nowhere. I thought and still think that the author was putting us on.

    1. George thinks that the author and filmmakers are just stretching it out to make it last longer.

  3. Good news for apoolie about the tumor. I hope she feels better soon.

    I am with you about the violence in GoT. Not my taste either.

  4. Good Poolie's tumor is benign but the treatment...have two friends who have had benign brain tumors and it's a rough trip. They are still with us well past 75 both.

    I cannot bring chocolate or ice cream into the house. When I get the grandkids a treat I buy just enough of those tiny cups of ice cream for them, the day they are here. Same reason I don't drink either.

    I'm reading Louise Penny's "Glass Houses" and Grafton's "Y is for Yesterday." I'm in murder mode, filling in on the side with Robert Crais.

  5. Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
    Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
    Hippo Birdie, Hippo Birdie
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The prognosis for Poolie is great, getting there sounds like an agonizing trip. Keep those floats coming. I'm sure they help.


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