November 30, 2017


A donation waiting in the hall.

Don’t laugh too hard, but yesterday I was still suffering the aftereffects of the fuzzies.

There I was, all ready to go to the pool and no wallet.  Both G and I looked for it from the top floor to the bottom of the garage and all corners in between.  No wallet.  I sat down and began to call the last two places I had been the day before.  No wallet at either the pool or the store.

While pulling my sweatshirt up out of the bottom of my chair where it had fallen, I felt a lump.  There it was.  Under me.  Yes, it must have fallen out of my purse the day before.  Yes, embarrassing.

Yesterday was filled with Christmas things at work…wall to wall, in the hall and back room.  Mountainous piles.  More came in by the minute.  Everyone was cleaning out their Christmas things.  Today there’s little holiday stuff left to do here at home.  Tomorrow I will go in and do as much as I can in three hours. 
  • Himself:  Work isn’t too overloaded today.
  •>Herself:>   Washing a moldy 1920’s quilt I brought home from the store.  Maybe we can sell it if it smells nice.  House puttering be me today.  Phoning for a hair appointment to see if the good hair lady can make my chaos into some degree of class.
  • Reading:  A new mystery of some sort.
  • Captain Poolie:  Putting her on a chemo she is to take for the rest of her life.  First month is 2 grand, second is 500, and after that it is bearable.  Her blood is good as is her potassium.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I’m here and only half fuzzy today.


    1. Glad you found your wallet. It is such a pain when it’s gone!

    2. Hattie passed recently. So sad, I think your read her blog? Do not beat yourself up on losing stuff. As you read my FB page I did a dilly the other day. We forget more so we have to forgive ourselves more.

      1. Thanks for telling me about Hattie. Yes, I read her blog. She will be much missed.
        I rarely lose stuff, but this week is something else again for everything.

    3. Fingers crossed for Poolie that the chemo works for her and gives her a good long time.

    4. If it was a Pea, you would have felt it sooner.

    5. So glad your wallet was at home!

    6. The only thing bigger than the misery of having lost something is the joy of when you find it.

    7. Phew! We do not want to lose our wallets.


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