February 1, 2018


Sahara and Margot check out Bobbies quilt.

Thoughts of Captain Poolie stay with me all day.  She was with me as I shelved books and fixed meals.  I shelved cookbooks and some were really charming.  Amazingly, I am really short on fiction.  For the first time ever, I have more non-fiction than fiction on the shop shelves.  

“No one cooks anymore,” one lady told me this morning at the pool.

Perhaps I would use the internet to search for recipes more often if the laptop were downstairs.  Since it isn’t, I use old fashioned cookbooks.  I’d rather use frozen foods, being a really lazy old lady, but I don’t.  Tonight I’m making Bubble and Squeak inspired by John in Wales.

I cook.

  • Himself:  Auditing hundreds of estimates from one independent estimator.  Made me the cutest sandwich yesterday out of tiny cubes.  I didn’t have to bite into it.
  • Me, myself, and I:  Yesterday visited by two granddaughters and a daughter.  Sahara was heading home.  Printing pictures of flying crows.  Buying fabric chalk and thread at JoAnne’s to begin the drawing.  The sewing machine plate was tucked into a bookcase behind my work tables.  G found it.
  • Reading:  Finished the newest Windspear and rereading and old Francis.
  • Captain Poolie:  Sleeping quietly…but she does seem to hear.
  • Gratitude’s:  Just to be here staying in the moment.


  1. I'm making the low cal version of Scotch Eggs...also thinking of Poolie and wishing her peace and comfort.

  2. I cook every day, use old favourite cookbooks and the internet for recipes. I prefer home cooked meals but once a week, we eat out. Just for a break!

  3. I wonder if she is one your mind because she is leaving. My Mother-in-Law was on my mind continually two days before she died and I think she was hovering over me worried that I would be too sad. My sadness is like the air in a leaky raft in that it never overwhelms me but is with me for a very long time.

    1. Mine is like that. There was a kind of universal sadness in the art community when Jo died, but Paula's death will affect much more of the world. I keep thinking of her last words to me, and it is heart wrenching.

  4. A strange time when someone close is leaving this world. Nothing seems real.

  5. I have a limited repertoire from both cookbooks and the net.

  6. The Internet is my cook book these days. Do wish I had an Ipad though so I could take it into the kitchen and not run back and forth.

  7. Thoughts of Poohlie weigh heavily on me... although I never met her in person, I feel like we're friends and her path mirrored that of my sister's so closely, it was like living it all again. Sooo not good... Part of me knew we would be living these days like this. Try as hard as I might to not think like that, it kept returning to my mind. Life can be a very thin thread at times... So glad G found your sewing machine plate. Have to wonder how it got put where he found it. He is ever a keeper...

    1. I'm so sorry. Just ignore my poolie remarks. Life uis what we make it, and Poolie wouldn't want us to suffer with her.


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