March 22, 2018


The rain is coming in over the ocean.  You can see the wind blowing, and the surf churning as it throws kelp up onto the sand.  The birds hunker down with their backs to the storm, and as do we.

Los Angeles and all the burned out areas north of us have been evacuated.  Flood advisories have been issued as far down as San Clemente…just above us.  Real rain is expected here today, and showers the next few days after this.  All this may mean nothing to you, but we here live in a desert area.  Eight to nine inches of rain is all we might get in a year.  Now we have a deluge.

Like other small children, you can find me with my nose pressed to the glass watching the rain come down.
  • Himself:  There’s work in his Queue.   We survived last night with a smile.  One of the ladies who used to dine with the Feasters group was the one who fell off the stage at the previous memorial.  It was good that we figured out who she was.  This memorial we had a good chat, but frankly, neither of us could remember her name.
  • Herself:  I laughed at the Poolie food served last night: Macaroni and cheese, Mashed potatoes with a mass of toppings, and lemon cakes.  Her niece was in the hospital with a serious diverticulitis attack.  Today laundry, ironing, and sewing.
  • Reading:  Just finished the Irish Doctor book.  Review: Cute.  Take it back to the store.
  • Gratitude’s:  Tho this is the second pair of blue frames that broke, in the same place, I’m really grateful that have a backup pair.


  1. Beautiful photo, Mage. I hope you don’t get any damage from this much needed rain.

  2. Geez. Fire or flood it seems these days.

  3. There's no foolproof place to live! Hope you survive the deluge.

  4. As rare as the storms are where you live, they must be a fun spectator sport to watch.

  5. Interesting how those on the ocean can read the weather days ahead. I could watch the storms march across the ocean when we were on the ship. Our snow storm was beautiful and quick but we have not really gotten into the 50 for over a week.90% melted already today. So hoping that everyone is safe in California. I have read about the horrible fires in Australia now.

  6. We're getting a lot of rain now too. It was an oddly warm winter here, no snow pack to speak of. Worries us because this time of year it just makes the brush grow, then it dries out and fire season begins with a lot of fuel.


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