April 14, 2018


1995: At the dealership with our brand new truck..

We have been busy today with the little things.  Things like getting two new lift supports for the Lear lid on Grumpy’s bed. 

When we went on our honeymoon in 1995, we took Grumpy.  He was new.  He was reliable…we thought.  We put all out luggage in the back of the truck, and off we went.  It rained.  Then it snowed.  We made the rest of the journey with the luggage in the cab of the truck with us.  Did I mention that we hadn’t learned to pack light yet?

As soon as we got home, we went out and bought a lid for the bed.  We have only removed it once or twice over the years.  We open and shut it often.  The original set of pistons lasted about ten years. 

Just a few weeks ago, the lid slammed itself shut on a friend’s arm.  A few days later, it did it again.  It’s a very heavy lid.  Since then, when we use it I stand there and hold it open.  If I’m using it for groceries, I hold it open the whole time.  Very awkward.  Very dangerous.  

I have to tell you, I didn’t know a gentle push would open up that lid gracefully.  Nor did I know another soft movement would slowly lower the lid into place. 
  • Himself:  He didn’t know how easily it would work either.  At least he is speaking to me.
  • Herself:  He motioned me to back up from the car wash today.  I was careful to not hit the palm tree behind me.  I hit a metal gate instead.  BOOM! It moved Grumpy’s bumper back about half an inch…evenly.
  • Reading:  Still on the same Penny.  My right eye is greying out the pages and slowing me down.  Yes, I have an appointment with our ophthalmologist.
  • Watching:  Would you believe Joy doesn’t have a recipe for 3 bean salad.  So I am here watching the internet for one.
  • Gratitude’s:  I figure the muscle and bone damage happened in 2007 when I fell running for the trolley.  Tripped and fell into a big square of marble and broke more than one rib.  And more important, I made daughter Margot laugh till she cried twice today.  Got both vehicles washed too.


  1. The adventures os Mage. You’ve been through a lot with Grumpy!

  2. A honeymoon with the luggage on the front seat. All downhill from there.

  3. Wondering how my bone bruises will be in the years to come. Mostly the left knee which is that moving joint! It is what it is!! So sorry about the driving mishap. I am sure you cringe every time you think about it. Do not beat yourself up.

  4. So glad you got new muscles for the truck lid and that they work so well. You sure got your money's worth out of Grumpy and the old lid.


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