February 3, 2019



I’ve been powering down water for my kidneys and the Bronchitis.  I leaked a bit before all this, but lately I leak every time I cough.  Flood sometimes.

Yes, I went to the toilet before we left the house.  Yes, we left on a round of errands which included Amvets Thrift Store, grocery store, brunch, then home before he headed toward the museum.  As soon as we got there to our first stop, I knew I was doomed.  I took two steps down one row and began to leak.  It was really awful.  This store is not noted for letting its customers use their bathrooms.

She told me I could…it was like Christmas. 

By the time I got to the back of the store, I was wringing wet.  In the bathroom there was no toilet paper, but there were seat covers.  Back out in the aisles, the thought dawned on slow me that I was walking in a Thrift Store.  They had pants…denims that said they were my size.  They had nice pink underpants.  They even had a Levi Coat that I could try on.  George came up with the final touch, a pair of bright red flats.  A whole new wardrobe and all at half thrift store price too.

It made it all a little better.

I came directly home after brunch and showered.


  1. I love a women who sees opportunity. I have had my phases with your issue. Right now I seem to be be holding my own. If it comes back I have gone ahead and purchased pads specifically for this. Do some of those Kegel exercises for help. It is a sign of the times. We are going to remain strong about this!!

  2. Now that is making lemonade out of lemons. Great idea and a great save at a bargain price. Well done.

  3. Yep... not a fun time at all, but you survived it and got new duds to boot!! LOL Healing hugs to you!!




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