April 7, 2019



·       If I don’t write every day, I lose the date.
·       Looking through the files my eyes were caught by these Christmas Cards.  The one at the bottom was drawn a year later.  In the top card, Margot had left, and Milaka was still living with me in the cottage.  We are on the beach with the small jetty and the pier behind us.  In one year I learned a lot about drawing.
·       Yes, I am putting drops in my eyes every hour on the hour, and my good eye seems worse.  Yes too, all you can do is laugh.
·       Once it warms up slightly, George will be sanding the boxes readying them for a final coat of urethane.  We are taking the train to LA to give them to her after the surgeries.  Lunch and home on the train too.
·       I am a child when it comes to train trips.
·       Today there is sun out.  Right now there are wonderful contrasts visible in the trees.  Two of our trees in front of the house have died.  We used to have all Alders, but as they began dying off their replacements were the Sweet Gun Trees.  Those are the trees with the nasty spikey seeds called the “most dangerous trees.”  They don’t like living here.
·       I’ve blown my diet several times this last week.  Chocolate chips one night, one cookie another.  Desert last night was a chocolate mousse and a little of G’s ice cream.  I should feel terribly guilty but don’t.
·       I got the laundry done yesterday while reading the new Box mystery.  Although repetitive  small eye movements cause double vision, I can tell you that the book was awfully good.



  1. I find the bottom photo is really fun and not sure why you do not like it. It is full of movement and energy and I can see your personality in it. Sorry about your eyes. Can you call he doc and ask why your better eye is getting worse?

    1. It is fun. I had thought I was putting in a very early drawing. Yes, I can call him tomorrow.

  2. The cafe, Brazil By The Bay was actually really good last night.

  3. The drawings are wonderful, so full of life.

  4. I've always wanted to ride somewhere on a train, but it never worked out. Cost too much, took to long, etcetcetc. Someday I'll work it out.

  5. I like the drawing of the woman on walking on the beach. I eat dessert, but just a few bites usually works.

  6. My diets gone to H in a handbasket as well. At the moment there is orange flavoured dark chocolate calling my name from the cupboard.

  7. I think both sketches are quite wonderful

  8. The sketches are wonderful. I admire your talent, Mage.

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