July 16, 2019


These are the almost last of the 2014 costumes.  Most of these were cropped and Photoshopped in 2014.  I have hopes that I’ve grown better at it since then. 

On the personal front, I spent yesterday doing laundry and waiting.  No call setting up an appointment.  I read a bit of space opera, wasn’t at all functional, and then went to a meeting which was pretty good.  Today I will be doing a load of laundry as I spilled my whole cuppa coffee on the bed and floor. 


Some people put a lot into making a costume.  Other attendees buy something from the party store. It doesn’t matter because they both got to go to the con.

She participates in the battles.


He volunteers at Disabled Services, and every day he wears a different costume that he made.

She volunteers in Disabled Services, and she collects new pins.

Now out in back with a few steampunk attendees.

Imagine a straw top hat.


There are four inventive machines here being carried on backs.
More 2014 tomorrow.


  1. Some people really go to great lengths to outfit themselves. I like the 'steampunk' look.

  2. I hope there are a lot of costumes this year.

  3. I love looking at all the costumes. Our local gallery represents one artist who does steampunk. Crazy wall art and table art.

  4. Wow, those are some amazing costumes there. Such creativity and often with everyday items.

  5. Those are so creative!

    Over from Arkansas Patti. Like your blog!

  6. Hmmm. wondering if I'm having trouble posting comments again. :/ My first comment disappeared.


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