August 23, 2019


Two San Diego Policemen at Comic Con.
I really didn’t want to do this last test.  You knew that.  But I showed up, not at all awake, without my teeth or hearing aids, without my meds, or coffee, or toast.  Yes, the baseline test went well.  The test is a Dobutamine Echocardiogram.  A non-walking stress stest.  The idea is to raise my heart rate without going over a certain level. 

From where I laid, on my side, I could see the screen and the green line of my heart beat.  From the minute the nurse began injecting the Dobutamine, my heart rate began to soar.  Pretty soon the room began to fill with people including the lovely new doctor.

“We knew that was going happen,” she said almost joyously.  The other cardiac man who was there agreed, as did two nurses and two techs.  It was a small room.

My heart doesn’t like medications everyone told me.

They gave me another med that brought my heart rate down, and sent me home where I took a three hour nap.  We got the loan from the bank, and if G goes off to the Friday Meeting I’m staying home and taking more nap.

Thank you all for caring and for your lovely notes.

  • Himself:  Starting work at 5, signing for life at 4.
  • Myself:  Dozing, signing, dozing.  At least I am cleared for surgery.
  • Photo:  Mine: 2015.
  • Reading:  The new Box.
  • Gratitude’s:  George had a lot to put up with today.


  1. I had one of those echocardiograms, years ago. The next time I needed a stress test, I took it on the treadmill. I think you should, too. At least threaten them.
    You're about to the end of all this testing, I'm sure. What if you told them you were. That could stop them, for a minute.
    Look at those policemen. They are a walking stress test every day, lugging fifty or sixty or seventy pounds of equipment on their backs, and still smiling. I always smile at them and say Thanks.

    1. This was easier until the crowds began coming into the room.
      They sure are. Next year I will ask one how much all their equipment weighs.

  2. I guess that I would have to take the test that way too since walking at pace is problematic with my stupid foot.

  3. Oh Mage! That must have been scary. Another one done at least.

    You will get through this with the love and support of family and friends! Especially dear G.

  4. Well, you are a failure as an IV drug user.....

  5. That had to be exciting and not in the best way. I had one of those but with less excitement. However, hope it showed them what they needed to know. Rest up.

  6. Glad you got the loan. I hope you and G. can find much better ways to spend your time.

  7. ROFL here... I was scheduled for the test Mage just underwent and I decided I didn't need it. I'll go in on the 4th for an echocardiogram/ultrasound test of my heart and the results of that will determine if I really need to go further. I think they're chasing up the wrong tree with me. LOL It's my lungs, not my heart, silly people!




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