September 10, 2019


2007 Zoe and a grampa keeping a straight face.

It’s been finishing the little things this morning.  In front of me, on the wall, are grandchildren pictures.  I have permission to show some here, but I haven’t asked about some of the other kids.  I had a really cute picture of Stassa up on the wall, but it shows her at about eight.  She is graduating HS this year.  I updated her picture.

Zoe was about five in the picture I had up of her. I upgraded it to her new High School Picture.  I need to upgrade other family members, but those were the two most annoying.     The laundry is as done as it is going to get before Thursday.  George did the dishes, and I chewed him out.  They are my job.  Books I left about, for I am a slob, got themselves shelved.    

I was reading the “Mrs. Tim” books out of order, and so I have backed up and I am reading them in their proper order. These books are good in any order, but I wasn’t comfortable without WWII in its rightful place.  I know, I am silly. 

The days are cooler at last.  The heat is supposed to return Friday, but I shall be in air-conditioned discomfort that day.  Margot is taking the day off and will come sit with G in a waiting room.  Our diets start that day…I’ve never been so very fat as this.  Walking starts again that day in the hospital halls….as soon as I wake up.

I will keep you posted.

Zoey’s first High School Picture.

2008, Stassa in Greece just before she lost the hat overboard.


2019 Stassa Starting 12th grade in Spain.


  1. Great photos of the sweeties! Stay positive!

  2. These are dynamic kids. Their eyes are so direct and strong. YOu must be so proud. Do not feel overwhelmed by your diet an exercise. Just keep it up, day by day and if you fail one day, tackle the next one! That little girl has so much love in her eyes for grandpa in that first photo.

  3. Great grandkids! One day at a time. Works just as well for food and exercise.

  4. Lovely ladies. I like that young women are sporting Kate's hair style (Zoe).

  5. My goodness, time does fly by, doesn't it?? You have such beautiful grandchildren. I too appreciate the change in weather, and hope it doesn't return to the highs we experienced recently. I'm counting down the days, as I know you are... will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. Keep the photos side by side to show the growth. Know you have to be anxious but this will soon be over and your life will go on much better. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  7. It sounds as though you might be a little too ambitious after your Keep Still post, but I guess it's not to hard to print a few photos, and it's good to do something positive.


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