July 30, 2020


At one PM last night. I got up to go to the toilet.  Yes, I tripped over the rug.   And yes, trip altered our whole night and day.  I fell onto the toilet.  Water rushed out and flooded the bathroom and the hall.  Dramatic stuff.  I couldn’t understand him when he told me to turn off the water.  I didn’t have my glasses on.  I did understand the word towel, and I started passing every towel we owned down into the flood.


I think we actually fell back to sleep around three.  Almost at dawn G found a showroom for Kohler 19 inch toilets less than a mile from the house.  It’s a comfortable height for us two slowed down, long legged folks.  It’s good for Grumpy and G to get out too.  He did have to go back a couple of times.  The hose to connect things was to short and the fittings wrong.


I washed towels.  Two tall, teetering stacks of them.  Pink and black from the big house main bathroom whose fixtures were all in that sandy pink of the 1950’s.  About five clean white towels for this bath. I sat in Grumpy’s comfortable bench seat and read while I keeping one eye on the dryer.


Just as I came upstairs, his new graphics card arrived at last.  His computer had died.  Not only wouldn’t it turn on, it went to the shop and our repair man diagnosed the graphics dead.



<UL><LI><U><A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A></U>  <I>Putting the last screw in to the power coord.<I></LI>

<LI><U>Myself:</U>  <I>This, making slaw, reading.<I></LI>

<LI><U>Reading:</U>  <I>Dick Francis.</I></LI>

<LI><U>Photo:</U>  <I>Unfortunately, a clean bathroom.<I></LI>

<LI><U>Gratitude’s:</U>  <I>That we are almost done working.></LI></UL >



  1. Very eventful night. No more rugs, OK. Promise. Don't ask me how I know, I just do.

    1. The scatter rugs are gone. We kept one draped on the shower to catch the leaks. All the other rugs in the house are gone.

  2. Yes, Joanne is right. We learned things like this in our Falls Prevention class although we don't always follow best practices.

    1. We did it. We needed a taller toilet anywaay. :)

  3. No more bathroom or kitchen rugs.

  4. Yikes, so glad you weren't hurt though you put a hurtin on the toilet. Just great you have a handy guy in G that he could fix it. Yep, no rugs.

  5. It’s so easy to fall. I fell into the garage floor. The concrete didn’t give way. I was not injured though lesson learned.

    No more rugs appears to be a theme today!




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