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May 25, 2016

A Special Anniversary

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As one grows older, one accumulates various and sundry anniversaries all of your own.  Birthdays of course.  Perhaps you celebrate the day you met your husband.  Maybe you married him twelve years later.  Children?  Perhaps I should be celebrating the year we got our truck?  Grumpy is going to be 22 this year. 

What I am doing today is celebrating a special anniversary.  Two weeks after I met George, I finally stopped drinking.  I had a glass of wine one year later and that date is my official birthday.  I’m very grateful that the pressure to drink is gone, and the only thing I have to fight now is my alcoholic thinking. 

What I am celebrating today is a new way of living and the new internal gifts that come with it.  Thirty two years of wonderful gifts.

  • Himself:  Sang happy birthday to me.  Working hard.
  • Herself:  Dinner tonight will be pork loin with sautéed apples and green beans with a butter garlic sauce.
  • Reading:  First Ladies.
  • Gratitudes:  For everything today even mislaying my Drivers License….which George found stuck to my phone.

  • May 24, 2016

    Beginning Repetitions...and More

    This is my second week on the new schedule.  Every morning I sip on my coffee over the local news and a book, then I head to the pool.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I work at the Democratic Party Headquarters driving up near the Brinell tow yard where I worked for many years.  Wednesdays and Fridays I work at the Discovery Shop just down the hill.  Saturday mornings and Sunday’s George is my focus.  Monday is the day for me…a selfish and self-centered me day.  Yesterday I read.

    That's it...repetitions.  This day I got to do data entry for  some of the hundreds of precincts walked.   Some kind volunteer takes a list and goes door to door.  The list has little boxes he or she can check.  Target this one, the list says.  Home?  Not Home?  Are they going to vote?  New voter?  Et al.  When the list get's back to the shop, someone like me gets to hold a scanner over the bar code in front of the name.  Are they home?  Another bar code enters it all into the cloud.  Boy, nothing like the political volunteering I did in the past.  It truly is a brave  new world out there.                                                   

  • Himself:  Made my lunch, the dear guy, now he’s at work.
  • Herself:  Ready for work but got to remember to pick up the cleaning.  Why?  The cleaning team is heading for the med on a two week cruise.  I did stare at the quilt for a while….maybe I just don’t like it, or maybe I just can’t see it.
  • Reading:  Another Gilman, and a bio of Mrs. Lindbergh.
  • Gratitudes:  Absolutely no pain anywhere today.

  • May 22, 2016

    It's Naive

    Naïve by the Bay.

    Any way you look at it, this camper is different.  Did the owner start out to make a work of art?  Was he just expressing an opinion when he stuck the first plastic flower or figure on the metal? 

    Wikipedia tells us that Naïve art is any form of visual art that is created by a person who lacks the formal education and training that a professional artist undergoes (in anatomy, art history, technique, perspective, ways of seeing, etc.). Unlike folk art, naïve art does not necessarily evidence a distinct cultural context or tradition.

    Here in my city, we have several of these moving pieces of Naïve Art.  We also have Salvation Mountain…a unique work of art painted on sand, straw, adobe, and lead free paint.  The artist, Leonard Knight, died in 2014, and volunteers are now attempting to keep his vision stabile in a harsh environment.

    Photo: Captain Poolie used without permission.

    Up in LA, the Watts Towers were built by Simon Rodia.  Cement, broken crockery, rebar and bottles all came together to create towers that lightly touch the sky.  When I first saw them they had been condemned, were crumbling, and there was a world wide fight to preserve them.  In 1990, they were designated a National Historical Monument, and Mr. Rodia would be content. 

    Posted in LA History.

    When several artists first saw social artist Keith Haring’s work, we thought it a joke.  Anyone could do that we told ourselves.  But anyone couldn’t.  Most of us lack the imagination, the passion, and the energy to create such a huge body of work in a new language.  Today, most of us see ourselves as fools, and we really enjoy Harings art.  One of his mural’s is being restored in Paris now, and I have been following its progress with a smile on my face.

    Perhaps that’s what naïve art is….a smile on our faces.

    Keith Haring, Pictify.


  • Himself:  TV, Gaming, relaxing, haircut, lunch nap, more of the same, then a suit and meeting.
  • Herself:  Ditto, and it is National Maritime Day.
  • Reading:  China Bales in a nunnery.
  • Gratitudes:  For a glorious day.