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August 26, 2015

More Quilt Thoughts

The Red Star Quilt.

We are so spoiled here.  The high heat combined with the humidity isn’t like us at all.  Warm and dry here….or hot and dry.  Air blown our way from the desert not summer storm air blown in from the gulf of Mexico.  Yesterday it rained too.  Amazing.

We are all hiding in any AC we can find.  If Grumpy comes home today, he can just sit in the garage.  We will drive him when the weather changes.  Yes, he’s still on his enforced vacation, and I am going with G to the gym really early…really.  This morning, I was running late.  At least I got all my PT done in the hot tub before leaving.

Today I’m the book lady tho I think we are lacking books.  Later I will lay out what I have found in the way of fabric….just enough for the back of a California King quilt, I think.  And I's time to research crows too. 

August 25, 2015

Quilting Thinking


Oh, I know.  I said I was done with quilting, that the Blue Quilt was my last quilt, and then I gave all my fabric scraps away.  Yes, I did that.  I thought I had a few left, but it looks like I gave then all away to the quilting teacher for the Somalian community here.

Unfortunately, Bobbie talked me into making her a quilt.  In khaki’s.  No browns…what does she think khaki is?  A grey/green she tells me.  I have to break down and tell her that my khaki and her khaki aren’t communicating.  I’ve decided to make the quilt to please myself.  An art quilt.

When I quit quilting, the smallest fabric size that was available was a “fat quarter.”  Again, things have changed.  Now there are pre-cuts in all the much wanted sizes like 2 ½ inch wide strips.  I, who have hand eye coordination problems, see endless possibilities if I use pre-cuts cut by someone else.  I bet they are uniform and really 2 ½ wide.  The thought makes me laugh.

Right now I am thinking queen size with a single row of a diamond like pattern along the bottom.  Strips coming up from the bottom about half way up first in shadow colors then in pale golden grass like profusion.  Then a space of solid fabric broken by a little strip of color here or there.  Finally at the very top, perhaps filling 2 or 3 feet, will be flapping and soaring crows.  Sooty black crows against a light grey sky.

Now we see what happens.

  • Himself:  Happy despite the stock market fall.  Hauling me to the pool every morning at an awfully early hour.  Life is good.
  • Herself:  Ignoring the stock market correction.  Doing research on new quilting stuff.  Thinking about a trip out to>Rosie’s Quilt Shop. Talking to Bobbie.  Photographing at Great Curves.
  • Reading:  A new author.
  • Gratitudes:  How well I feel after PT in the hot tub and walking in the Pool.

  • August 23, 2015

    Sunday Snippits, Orts, and Tidbits


    • What makes a computer freeze?  I’m going to attempt to write an entry this morning despite my computer.
  • We took grumpy in to a dealership yesterday.  Parts will have to be ordered.  The cost of the parts have left George almost speechless.  He should have known though as he spends his days with parts and more parts.  He was left muttering that these were parts that were expected to last the life of the vee-hickle.  I think Grumpy is well past his life expectancy.  I muttered that back at him while reminding him that he liked being able to get out of his cars and trucks.
  • We have been to several chase movies lately.  I hate to say it but the new “Mission Impossible” was fractionally better than “Man from Uncle.”  What a shame, but it was slow mo much of the time.
  • I confess that I ate M&M’s at both films and had ice cream this week too.  They don’t make folks too much rounder than me these days, but I am living with the guilt.
  • Cousins:  My generation consists of three of us….the pseudonymous Tim, John and I.  I’m worried about Tim who has congestive heart failure.  He worries about his wife who has dementia.  One daughter and son live at home….the daughter is a nurse and the son a head injury.
  • We are off to the ballpark.  We will have a Hodad’s Hamburger for lunch…which will raise the guilt factor, and we will have a hopeful game.  Last season, we were next to last, and, despite winning five games in a row last week, they are next to last this year too.  That’s where the hope comes in.  Perhaps they will win one more on this Military Salute Day.
  • The Padre’s tickets were a gift from G’s boss.  We consider them his bonus.  He didn’t get a raise, but then again he still has a job as they restructure.  He did get a small bonus this year plus the tickets.  They are really good tickets and G loves baseball.  I’ll bring a book.  Did I say that?

  • Himself:  Playing his solitaire.  He’s happy.  He says we have paid off the Canal trip but we keep on adding more to the card.  I remind him again that he likes getting out of his truck.
  • Herself:  The day is cooler right now, but I have the sunscreen ready.  Meeting after game where my only job is to put out baskets.
  • Reading:  The four Jance I ordered aren’t here so I will change authors for the day.
  • Gratitudes:  Life. 
  • That we chose well buying a school outfit.  That I have denims that fit and that I found a denim jacket at a good cost.