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February 11, 2016

Aids Quilt Blocks

The Heart Quilt block made from an AIDS Walk signature panel.

Both G and I are pulling our hair out.  Our server-owned modem is dead, and neither of us can get anywhere online.  He’s very frustrated as he works from home, and I am only half frustrated in small bites.  A repair person from Cox is to be here today…a fact I will believe when I see it.

He can’t take an alternate route, but I can.

We had a huge donation of books, many hundreds, all at once.  Most are strongly conservative in their leanings, and many are very strongly anti Obama.  Frankly, I put them out.  Everywhere, thinking every book sold was another dollar for cancer research.  There were so many I couldn’t get them all out yesterday.  The man who prices them for me didn’t get them all priced on Tuesday either.   We live in a conservative part of town.  Perhaps some of them will sell.

I’ll go price and tidy.  Maybe even more will sell today.

On display at a Mama’s Kitchen fund raiser.

A much thinner me giving a talk about this quilt block.

  • Himself:  VERY Frustrated about work.
  • Herself:  I got the AIDS Quilt pictures downloaded to Photobucket.  Now running away to work.
  • Reading:  An interesting book on “Airforce One.”

  • Gratitudes:  That I am feeling really pretty good.
  • February 9, 2016

    Catalina and The Star Of India

    This is a Folbot…and yes, it folds.

    Slowly I work my way through my photo storage files.  Frankly, I don’t begrudge the time as I am really enjoying looking at many of the pictures again.  Yes, I am being pickey.  Not every image I’ve ever taken of each category is going into Photobucket.  Frankly, I am enjoying seeing each and every one of the shots again…even the out of focus ones.

    Pulleys on the Star of India.

  • Himself:  He’s OK today.  At work at 7 so we can drive north to meet our new tax lady and say goodbye to our old friend and old tax person.
  • Herself:  Struggling to combine an IBS diet with a pre-diabetic diet.  Not panicking…..LOL  Knew this was coming as my mother was a diabetic and my youngest daughter is a diabetic.
  • Reading:  Another Miles Vorkosigan…this time a biodegrading paperback.

  • Gratitudes:  For all the tools and tricks I’ve learned over the years so I don’t get upset at every new surprise.
  • February 8, 2016

    Happy New Year: Year of the Monkey

    Christmas Amusements.

    After all those weeks of photo struggles, I’m now in the process of moving into Photobucket.  I can make an album now.  I can transfer photos in, and I can delete.  And I confess that I go back every day and see if I can post an address from there.

    Each of the other “cloud” photo hosts offered a problem I didn’t want to deal with.  Picasa, for instance, insists one uses Explorer.  I don’t.  Flickr, my favorite, isn’t compatible with Blogger.  Snapfish still hasn’t added the address to the photo.  I must confess that I searched all morning in the through the Page Source and the coding in Inspect.  No address that I could find tho it should have been there in the Source.

    Christmas photos are all downloaded tp Photobucket now.  I thought I would do nice watery shots of Catalina this morning.  Not all shots…just ones I will use again….she says smiling.

  • Himself:  So far so good.
  • Herself:  Ugly tooth and sinus.
  • Reading:  Bararar…I don’t want it to end.
  • Gratitudes:  That I am here and smiling.  Happy New Year….year of the monkey too.