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February 26, 2015

Words that Work

I’ve been trying to broaden the scope of my thinking a little every day.  I'm grateful that I can understand the “Essential Dali Lama.”  Merton and “Gift from the Sea” aren’t processed so easily by my learning disabled brain, but I plod on.

I failed philosophy clearly not understanding Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, or any other of those first-college-year philosophers.  I obviously still don’t understand them, but perhaps I felt the time was right to try a gentler way of thinking.  Kant or Nietzsche still don’t work, but the Dali Lama’s quiet reflections remind me of acceptance.  I understand acceptance.

My grandma Maudie told me once that she had Buddhist leanings.  Now all these years later, I understand.

  • Himself:Balanced the budget and tightened the purse strings.  No more people pleasing until the savings account gets way up there again.  No big vacation this year.
  • Me: Had a wonderful time putting out books, talking books with regular book shoppers, pleading for more books.  Slowly they trickle in and shelves begin to fill again.  All I can do is pray Margot finds a job in her field by June when we stop sending her money.
  • Reading:  Several new to me authors.  So far, one is a keeper.
  • Balance: Talking with other book folks puts everything in balance.

February 25, 2015


I have little to say even to my truck these days.  Yes, I talk to my truck, I talk to my shoes as they come untied and come loose, and I talk to my dinners and lunches. 

The days are warm and I grow quiet inside.  I post to Facebook for the Discovery shop and Great Curves yet there’s confusion when I need to look up what a hashtag is.  Always technology seems just beyond me but I keep on keeping on.  I skimmed the newest book on the “Endurance” and wonder at the vagaries of the captain and crew.  After that journey to the Antarctic, the truly splendid photographer began embellishing his work.  Toward the end he showed photos that had no true reality as real.

Today I said good morning to my truck as I started it up.  Perhaps I will talk to the books at work too.

  • Himself:Worked hard today.  Two NCIS episodes last night, so he is a very happy George.
  • Me: Got a lot of small things done all day Yesterday.  Still heading to the pool ten minutes early every morning tho it takes a bomb to get me going.  Getting to be book lady today.
  • Reading:  ”Maisey Dobbs”…the first in the series.
  • Balance: Books tomorrow.  I donated one shelf full from here and now have room for quilt stuff.

    February 23, 2015

    A Soupcon of Littles

    I always like quilts, and this one offered a huge impact as I walked in the door to the Mingei this Saturday.  It’s called a House Top Quilt.  1940’s, cotton.  Am I looking down on a house….seemingly so. 

    I’d gone to the Mingei to see the Black Dolls.  We have had a couple of good ones in the shop lately that I’d been drawn too.  I’d had one smaller one in black satin that grandma made for me as a child.  I’m embarrassed to tell you that her name was Topsy. 

    Deborah Neff collects these wonderful dolls, and she picked the hundred some here in this show.  At home she has over 500 more. 

    I revisited the light linen weaving's, stopped by the architectural models, then suddenly saw a small, long narrow gallery with A Procession marching down the center.  I was fascinated by the ingenuity and imagination needed to create these tiny, almost fleeting folks.  They stirred my imagination into thinking I could do something with that same feel.  I like magic.