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April 29, 2016

To Home in the Morning

Tomorrow morning, we pack and leave this small hotel room.  It was a good idea. 

We ate most of the foods we brought for breakfast and lunch.  Dinner was out on the town every evening.  Thursday we ate at a Mission Beach institution, Saska’s.  Last night was PF Chang, with Chang leftovers for G’s lunch today.  Tonight we do a BBQ at our usual Friday night meeting, with my skipping the breads and G cooking.

Tomorrow night we sleep in our own bed. 

Heaven indeed.

  • Himself:  He got up and down from his computer a bit today getting the BBQ stuff ready.
  • Herself:  Priced, sorted, and was glad I could give back.
  • Reading:  Gilman….the first “Unexpected Mrs. Polifax” and having a grand time.
  • Gratitudes:  That we are almost home.

  • April 27, 2016

    Really Interesting


    It’s really interesting.  Fascinating, actually.  It doesn’t take long for them to get the buildings ready.  In our complex, they are doing two long buildings and a short building each day.  Rows of trucks pull up on the inside street, and a large power lift is loaded with bundles of tarp. 

    While this is happening, a man is working along the side of the building behind the plants clearing a space so the tarp can be sealed against the ground.  Rolls of heavy weights are placed on the sidewalks, and there’s a warning sign placed on every doorway.  Small pieces of carpte are attached at the corners so the tarps won’t rip.

    The men up on the roofs load the tarps over their backs.  They are called mules.  Piercing whistles signal their actions as well as a yell or two.  Today the wind was blowing enough to make these colorful tarps act like sails.  The men on the ground as well as the mules on the roofs had quite a struggle.  I was able to capture some of the movement, but not the yells or whistles.

  • Himself:  He carried the last of the boxes down, and we left by five thirty.  Moved in to our motel room, discovered we lacked and item or two, and used one of our dinner coupons for dinner before going back to the house.  He spent the rest of the evening struggling to get his work computer to accept the wireless.  The other two computers work fine.
  • Herself:  Tried to stay out of his way.  Had a lettuce wrap cheeseburger for dinner.  Carried light boxes in.
  • Reading:  I brought 5 Mrs. Polifax books with me to read.

  • Gratitudes:  That we made it ok.  He’s off to buy a wireless adaptor this morning at nine.

  • April 24, 2016

    Taking a Trip: Not Taking a Trip

    ...or tenting adventures.

    Slowly we pack.  Most of the day has been spent inching our way out of home and into a motel.  Good clothes hanging.  Can I find my work apron?  No.  G packs his meds and computer cables together.  Will we ever be able to find anything?  Though I’m calling this a four day cruise on the beach, it isn’t.

    We were off to a local motel, but they were just very rude to G on the phone.  After a brief break and online,  we are now tucking into a cheaper and polite Extended Stay up on the Valley rim.  We are not alone; Imagine 400 other folks trying to find a place to stay for four days…all at once.  If I weren’t mildly depressed by the packing, I’d find that amusing.  Boxes, bags, and suitcases litter the house.  If it might be going in our mouths, double bag it.  Spices packed by drawer, and ditto my jewelry.  We just bagged everything in both bathrooms.  Simple.

    I’m trying to remember the things we use every day.  Coffee cups?  I use a spoon and tall glass for my evening meds.  Bowls for breakfast and snacks.  Every time I think we have everything, I remember something else.  Coffee maker? 

    Grumpy is now empty and just waiting for the myriads of boxes and suitcases to fill him up again.  We double AA’s are off into the Valley with our AAA discount.  Taking a trip?


  • Himself:  Booking an extended stay in the valley which is twenty bucks cheaper a night.  I can get to work on the freeway.
  • Yes, tenting.  We will be outta here for 4 days.

  • Herself:  Packing the essentials in Grumpy and leaving Monday Night after he get’s off work.

  • Reading:  I packed 4 Gilman’s.  Bringing Longmire videos.

  • Gratitudes:  Wonderful dinner and chatting with Monica and Dennis last night.