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October 5, 2015



Our big old TV is installed and working at Margot’s house.  New one installed here.  Slightly muzzy image….but BIG.  I’ve finished the first draft of the “Third Reich Autobahn” article.  I delivered Barb’s donated books to the store and need to go in and get them on the shelves. 

Done with my Physical Therapy at last.  I’ve arrived home with an armload of simple exercises I get to do for the rest of my years.  Official diagnosis is spinal stenosis, and an inter coastal muscle sprain that I picked up on Friday.  Arthritis.  We are not discussing my right thumb that’s bone on bone with bone spurs.  

Now I have said all that, I can go back to living. I’m mailing off receipts to Barb and Bobbie on my way to the store and feel so functional.

  • Himself:  Work, work, work.  Meeting.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Herself:  PT, write, Breakfast, lunch, dinner, meeting,
  • Reading:  Francis.  Just finished a Box.
  • Gratitudes:  Rain. 
  • Dramatic grey clouds and sprinkles.  Such a change from heat and hot.

    October 3, 2015


    George has headed off to Balboa Park early today.  There’s a maker’s Faire throughout the park today, and the Automotive Museum is very much a part of all of it.  What’s a Maker’s Faire?  Handmade things that are unique and special.  The Bike maker who uses bamboo, for instance.  He will be in the museum itself.  Out in front is a battle pond where gamers like G can fight one on one with models.

    I recommend seeing the pictures on Poolies blog>Here to see more of the creativity in the park today.

  • Himself:  Park, estate sale.
  • Herself:  Working on that last Third Reich piece.
  • Reading:  Still on a complicated David Baldacci.
  • Gratitudes:  The sun is out but the windows and doors are all open.

  • October 2, 2015


    Bobbie wants 4 more pitchers for gifts.  I sent pitchers…she sent back pictures.  I sent back a note saying that they may have been sold.  I printed the pictures.  I felt like a borg for a while.  Maybe she did too.  LOL

  • Himself:  Still having fun.  Gym, work, meeting, NCIS…we did the last episode of year two last night.  I still get angry when I see it.
  • Herself:  Post, pool, work as a sorter, post, meeting.  LOOL
  • Reading:  David Baldacci.
  • Gratitudes:  The really nice folks at the pool this morning.