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July 24, 2014

SDSU and Comic Con

Outside on the streets, 10113.

  • Himself:  Picked up badges in the valley yesterday.  Bought Sunday’s cake makings yesterday.  Fed the neighbor’s kitties breakfast extra early.  Working from 0700 to 1400 then off to the Con.
  • Herself:  Heading to SDSU a little before 9 to meet with the SDSU VA person in the 100 degree heat.  Pick up car at Qualcom Stadium and home to get G for the Con.
  • Reading:  Taking “Memory” to SDSU to read on the trolley there and back but nothing to Comic Con. 
  • Balance:  Totally relaxing once I get home from SDSU.  I’ve been out of balance about this.
  • July 22, 2014

    Comic Con Pictures 1

    Pink in 2012.

    One of my favorite things at Comic Con is to photograph the costumes…and the costume creators.  I love seeing imagination in action and magic in the eyes.

    A Regimental Officer. 2012.

    Look at the effort and creativity this officer put into his wardrobe.  I love it even tho it isn’t a good picture.

    Oh, the magic of it all.

    • Comic Con:  He has a four day pass, but despite his best two computer efforts, they would only give him a three day pass for me. Thanks to thhe efforts of a dear friend from the Padres days, we have a Thursday pass for me and two for Margot and Zoe.
    • Himself:  Worked really hard yesterday then was told he had to drive north in our traffic for the bosses birthday today.  Missed meeting, updated work laptop, deviled eggs for potluck, and leaving before 7 this morning.
    • Herself:  A good day.  Haircut, and a walk to the new salon.
    • Reading:  Starting on V 4 of the Vorkosigian Saga.
    • Balance:  Not taking a nap today as I did yesterday and didn’t sleep well.

    July 21, 2014

    Comic Con Time +3

    It’s Comic Con time again.

    It’s that time of year again.  Fun, games, panels, costumes, and daring-do all under the sun down by the bay.  After I aerobic, tidy the house, plan the meals, write, add some lime green to the doodle I am working on, I’ll take the time to see what I want to do Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    Just for these moments, life is sure good.

  • Himself:  Subrogating, having fun, meeting, and planning for the weekend.
  • Herself:  The week: Haircut Tuesday, work Wednesday, interview for a volunteer VA SDSU position Thursday, and go to Comic Con on Friday.  Sunday morning, I will bake a sheet cake, and we will leave Comic Con Sunday at five to do our thing at the Sunday Meeting.
  • Reading:  Volume three of the Vorkosigan Saga.  Lots of fun.
  • Balance:  Thinking about the artist Sam Francis.  Browsing the Link to the Comic Con Programing Schedule.