May 26, 2017


I had no interest in flags as photo subjects until I took this picture.  The drama of a full sized garrison flag, that’s the biggest one, on the side of a dry dock caught my attention.  I was at a retirement reception on the local sub base and looked out the window.  There it was. 

Since that day, I have actively chased down flags that are doing things….drama in movement.  My biggest problem over the years has been photo loss as my computers died.  I’ve lost many, but this one was saved from an online source.  It’s small and fuzzy, but I have it.


  • Himself:  Last night we semi cleaned the BBQ in a local car wash.  It's been ignored for two years.  Work way to early…little lunch yesterday.  Next three days off.  Going to a lecture on Russian cars tomorrow.  Designing his Comic Con costume.  Giving me token.  BBQ later.
  • Herself:  Sort of helped with the BBQ last night.  I'm no longer useful at that kind of work.  All the morning things.  Class.  Speech tonight…on how not to get sober.  Thinking about not posting on weekends.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  BBQ later.
  • Reading:  Not done with “Journals” but it has to go back to the library.  I have the “Residence” that I can read until my own copy of Schlesinger’s book arrives.  It’s dry.
  • Gratitude’s:  George, always George.

May 25, 2017



Flags to be installed on each grave.

Memorial Day is,>Wikipedia tells us is, “originated as Decoration Day after the American Civil War in 1868, when the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Union veterans founded in Decatur, Illinois, established it as a time for the nation to decorate the graves of the Union war dead with flowers.[3] By the 20th century, competing Union and Confederate holiday traditions, celebrated on different days, had merged, and Memorial Day eventually extended to honor all Americans who died while in the military service.[1] It marks the start of the unofficial summer vacation season,[4]while Labor Day marks its end.

You probably knew all these details.  I’m sure I was told then forgot.  It wasn’t a holiday mother celebrated with visits to the cemetery.  Her yearly actions remind me of holidays.  Lilies on Easter…I now associate those lovely flowers with my grandma and grandpa’s death.  Mother has no grave, and the rest of my family has been buried back east.  Before mother remarried, I bet she took lilies to my father’s grave.  He was the family veteran. 

Every once in a while I now go up to Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery.  It’s right up the hill, and there I can stop to see G’s mom and dad.  I visit Dale Craig too.  He was my support when I was at my very lowest point.  There’s a man that deserves a flag.


  • Himself:  Pool, work, dinner then visit Poolie in the hospital again.  This total collapse happens every time after an infusion.
  • Herself:  Second day at work.  Poolie’s sister barb sent in a huge donation of books…I got them all priced and filled every shelf.  Glorious donation of visibly unread books.  Dinner, hospital, worry.
  • Reading:  Still deep into Schlesinger’s “Journals.”  Less work as he grows older.  Brought home new books from the store, and ordered the “Journals” from Alibris books.

  • Gratitude’s:  That it was a basel cell carcinoma on my neck not a melanoma.  They metastasize slower.  I still have to have more surgery to make sure the edges are clear and stitches to close the hole.  Maybe it will lift my 75 year old chin.  Wishing the doc caught it last year. Glad it will soon be gone.
  • May 23, 2017


    I am reading about politics right now.  I try hard not to listen to Trump, to his ideas, to his ranting, or to other’s talking about him, but I am paying attention to the political thinking in Historian Arthur Schlesinger JR’s “Journals.”

    In January 1973, he writes, “The constitution is premised on the assumption that Presidents of the United States will be basically reasonable men, ultimately sensitive to their constitutional responsibilities.  There really is no procedure for dealing with nuts.” 

    In January of 1974 he remarks, “As a historian it has been fascinating to observe the process of rediscovering the ability of our Founding Fathers to foresee the problems of out polity.”  I find myself glued to his words on LBJ and Nixon so clearly placed to ring in my mind with clarity.  I reassess my thinking on LBJ after reading that he considered both shits.  He should have been alive for Trump.  I would have loved reading his thoughts on this president.

    On February 12, 1979, he wrote,  “…I seem to have done nothing substantial since finishing the RFK book nine months ago.  God knows where the time has gone.  I have been working as long and as hard as ever; but I have frittered the hours away in a variety of stupid and transient tasks.  I have not even done what I promised myself to do for years – straighten out the books in the house and get rid of as many as I can.” 

    It’s always nice to know that others have the same problems as you do – getting rid of unread books.

    • Himself:  Fine when he wears a brace.  When he takes it off, his knee balloons.  Today pool, hot  tub, work, and after dinner take the truck to rescue the Friday meetings abandoned BBQ grill.
    • Herself:  Yesterday class, today clean out truck, check out books at store, fix dinner then help load BBQ.  Every home needs a pick up truck.  LOL
    • Reading:  ”Journals.”
    • Gratitude’s:  Well edited historical thinking.

    May 22, 2017


    For several months now, one of my bookcases at the shop was missing a shelf.  To me, it looked like a tooth missing in a row of perfect teeth.  If I am the Booklady, I am responsible.

    I asked the great G to help, and he went in Saturday to measure the gap.  Yesterday we returned with tools, a new shelf from Home Dumpo, cut to size for free and in the right color, and installed the whole thing in under half an hour.  The books look really nice now overall. And you bet I am very, very grateful.


  • Himself:  Measuring, lunch, and work at the museum then out to see “Snatched”….fun stuff.  We had a lazy Sunday after and estate sale and fixing the shelf finishing with a meeting at Dusk.
  • Reading:  Finished the Ann Haynes letters, and I have moved back to both Graham and Schlesinger.
  • Herself:  I was astounded by the giant donation at the store on Sunday.  At the estate sale, there were rows of boxed art books, and I bought only two obscure volumes. 
  • Gratitude’s:  George and friends.  Monica got a cookbook I mailed her and loves it.

  • May 20, 2017


    How do you compile the books you decide to read? 

    Yes, some come from the store, but others are purchased, sent to me, or are library books.  They sit next to my fat chair downstairs or live in piles upstairs near my side of the bed just waiting for my hand to reach for them. 

    How do I choose what book to reach for….fabrics and styles lead to books on quilting or fashion.  I used to sew clothes, boy I wasn’t very good, but now I just quilt.  I’m not very good at that either.  But I am enthusiastic.  Why did I choose the recently read book on MRS O?  She wowed the president watchers, and she bought American.  Beast of all, she changed how American women shopped.  What designers did she choose and why…those questions interested me as a fabric person and as an artist.

    Then too, I have always had a fascination about the White House building, its staff, and its many changes.  After my long delayed visit to Washington DC, I’ll read about anything to do with the city and buildings.  Not usually politics though.  The White House Museum is a favorite site.  Photos and illustrations of each room since the beginning through the Obama’s.

    If a book leaps off the shelves at the store into my lap, It is often a mystery.  Books on books…yes, mam, I will read those no matter what.  Then again, I picked up a nicely illustrated paperback on Hemi’s this week for George.  I found a book on English WWII Air Force sites for Carol.  If I didn’t try and get rid of two or three books a week, I would sink into the sea weighted down by my books.

    What do I save to reread?  Downstairs are the art, architecture, fashion and fabric, quilting, poetry, science fiction, and two authors of old fashioned fiction: DE Stevenson and Elizabeth Cadell.  After the latest hand surgery, they were just what I needed.  In front of my drawing board are several shelves of ship books, and to my left, in grandma’s old bookcase, live my cookbooks.    Yes, I use them.  Upstairs are the mysteries worth rereading.  Several shelves on WWII, and several more shelves on the White House.

    What do you read, and what do you save to reread?  I’m just wondering.


    May 19, 2017


    Large scale Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture outside the Mingei Museum in Balboa Park.

    Life:I somehow broke my new, blue glasses, so life was a tradeoff this morning.  Instead of going to my exercise class, I went to my ophthalmology glasses lady.   She did reassure me that the lens wouldn’t fall out, but she didn’t think she could find another set.

    While I was at the shop photographing the Jewelry Event…and we do have glorious jewelry, she called and said she found two new ones remaining. 

    Computer stuff: ignore if you wish):  The big one works.  I just have to adapt to all the changes.  G works and doesn’t have time to hold my hands through all of this.  When I couldn’t get Photoshop to take images up here, I went downstairs to the laptop.  Both Windows 10 and Photoshop 15 did not defeat me.  I made a photo album for the store….

    …only reaching the tears stage once. I think I will go make the bed, put my feet up, and finish As much of Schlesinger’s Journals as I can in the time I have left….Monday at the latest I must return the books.


    • Himself:  He’s started a short timer’s calendar of two years, 6 months. 
  • Herself:  Today, not letting the wearing out piecemeal get to me.  They didn’t tell me about this in the handbook.
  • Reading:  Finishing Journals first, then Ann Haynes book next, and lastly the Katherine Graham book “Washington.”

  • Gratitude’s:  That I am getting it all done.
  • May 18, 2017


    Computer stuff (skip if you want) :
    While I was at work, at the Dermatologist’s Office, and at work again, G reformatted my Hard drive.  Since the graphics card is new and the motherboard and the power supply are all new, G nakedized the hard drive.

    How he got any of his work done, I don’t know, but he did.  At the same time he recreated me.  Now I have to recreate May and save it.  We are waiting to see if this cranky computer keeps running.  If it does, I have a new 2 T hard drive to put in my backup computer.  Later today he will do a fresh image on the backup machine, and we will sign in to Word.

    The dermatologist burned off all sorts of places yesterday, and he took a good slice of the one on my neck.  Progress I suppose.  Results of the biopsy in 12 to 14 days.   Few books to shelve tho, but it was still wonderful to be there even sorting clothes.


  • Himself:  Pool.  His knee is still bothering him.  He did journeyman’s service with my computer.  Work, and did laundry too.
  • Herself:  Did all of the above, and dinner.
  • Reading:  Ann Haynes story of being a Pursette on board ships of the Union Castle Line….fascinating details.  Well illustrated too.
  • Gratitudes:  That I wasn’t allergic to that kind of Lidocaine…there are two kinds, and I didn’t know.


    I had no interest in flags as photo subjects until I took this picture.  The drama of a full sized garrison flag, that’s the bigge...