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October 20, 2014

Of Mice and Men

Poolie was commenting last month on how few folks were stopping by her blog these days. I find that my visitor count is about the same, but my notes are few. I think that journaling and blogging have become an old folks sport while the young have migrated over to Instagram and Tweeting. Perhaps the young are even moving away from Facebook….which is a shame.
I realize that everyone is saturated by breast cancer awareness these days; but I was truly sorry that my post generated only one comment in a 24 hour period. There was more content than just breast cancer.
Today I write about the flu. The Great G seems to have a mild version of it despite having had the flu shot. Grumpy’s dome lights and outside work lights wouldn’t turn on after the installation of the alarm. So with G sick, it was my job to take Grumpy to the alarm company. After a brief pause in the back of the shop, the installation person called me to look at the dashboard. There’s a tiny override button, you see. And “despite driving Grumpy for all those years, I’d never pushed it,” I told the young man….
….feeling very foolish. Of course. You would think you would know a vehicle if you drove it for twenty years.

  • Himself: Told work he was sick between trips to the bathroom. Wore a Mickey Mouse tie to last nights meeting…where they say he has to wear a tie. Perhaps that was an opinion.
  • Herself: Swam. Waiting for the weather to decide what it’s doing. Rain? Heat?
  • Reading: ”Shroud for the Archbishop,” Tremayne. Pretty good so far.
  • Balance: My tummy is fine, for which I am grateful. Margot called to tell me two things she remembered that I did well as a mother.  Did I say "OY!"

October 19, 2014

Sunday Snippits

Top: Janey at work facepainting at Petco Park.  Bottom: Jo visiting me.

  • ·       It’s the usual Sunday stuff.  Breakfast in Bed with CBS Sunday Morning.  Yes, I remember Charles Kuralt.  This show always starts my week going in the right direction.
  • ·       First: I write here.  Less this week as I am hopefully having surgery on my left hand on Thursday morning early, and so there will be days here I will be writing not at all.
  • ·       Second:  I post on the Facebook pages of Great Curves and The American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop/Point Loma second.  Yes, everyone is tired of PINK.  It’s a wonderful reminder that we didn’t have when I was younger.  Yes, mother, grandma Maude, and a fleet of other friends had breast cancer.  My friend Jo died of metastasized breast cancer.  She delt with it too late.  My friend Janey also knew her cancer had returned, and she elected to deal with it holistically.  She too died of metastasized breast cancer.
  • ·       I do want to share that this is the very first time I haven’t had to go back at least twice, and probably three times, for extra mammograms and follow ups.
  • ·       Next is cake baking.  Next week, the Great Geezer will probably have to do a lot of the cake stuff with only one handed stuff from me.  We found boxing the two bowls of cake mix makes a truly supurb cake.  Mix them up as per directions, then pour it all into one big bowl and stir together before baking.  Light, high, moist cake is the result.  Couldn’t do it without the Great G.
  • ·       Lastly, before I retreat to my latest read, I’ll exercise.  On the weekends that boils down to shoulder stuff…which is helping.  And all over stuff….walking uphill…puff, puff, and downhill where my new hip feels very strange.  I am very grateful that I can walk.

  • So you all have a great Sunday.  I’ll see you soon.

October 17, 2014

Lead Sleds

1951 Mercury, “Big Orange.”

A small crowd of folks with a little grey here and there.  Lead sleds.  Lead was used as the filler post WWII.  These are old white guys low riders.  The precursors to the low riders, and tho just as much work they are simpler in design.  The boys in my neighborhood all customized their cars when I was a kid.  They removed the badging and the handles and locks.  Little squares of primer marked these cars as loved. 

Today they are in museums.

Yes, we coked and dined, and hugged poolie.  We shot cars, and were grateful that we got there in time as the freeways all over the city were stopped.  I’ll go back and see these again.

  • Himself:  Worked really hard all day today…and got a little laundry done.

  • Herself:  Lots of donations….it was just a lovely thing.  Mammogram results in, and for the first time ever I do not have to go back for more.

  • Reading:  Taking a break from the early alphabet letters and reading “V is for Vengeance.”
  • Balance:  Gratitude.