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January 16, 2017


I bought George a bird feeder and seed for Christmas.  Yesterday we were off to Lowes where he found a plant hanger that “would do.” 

For a while yesterday afternoon, he hung out his office window and mounted it on the window frame.  “In the summer’s it’s going to be hidden by the trees.”  He’s hoping that the association members never look up when they do their walk-abouts this winter.

We both note that it’s the busiest fast food place in the neighborhood.

  • Himself:  He’s very happy.  Makes him take breaks.

  • Herself:  Groceries yesterday.  Read at the meeting last night saying it was a “program of attrition” instead of “a program of attraction.”  Humbled by 300 folks laughing at me.  Laundry and receipts from the store today.  Sad with grandson David.  His love died at City of Hope Duarte this weekend. 

  • Reading:  Box…bloody but well written.

  • Gratitudes:  That I am coughing less at last.

  • January 14, 2017


    Men’s ties on display.

    I left a bare tho tidy store Wednesday and returned Friday to find it blossomed with newness.  The decorative suspenders, ties, and bags for the men, were just the start.  Purses, hats, jewlery, gloves, belts, and filled the store with their delightful colors.  I had no idea how an accessory event could be a success, but this one certainly is.  It just takes an inventive mind for the displays.

    Store things.  That’s what I have been photographing lately three days a week.

    George has been working on my computer on his lunchtime while I have been at the store.  A new motherboard, a new power supply, and a really good graphics card will make my old desktop live a few more years.  I am really grateful.  Not only that, but he also had to reload Kaperski, my anti-everything program, as the 2017 version wouldn’t let me into Facebook or let me post pictures in Word.  I was almost reduced to yelling at my computer.

    Today we mailed off all our neighbors mail to her at her mother’s home in the south.  First dad died, and now her mother has gone dramatically downhill.  Our friend is there for a while…darn it.  Next we stopped in at two estate sales.  One marvelous three house complex in escrow.  All one can hope is that they don’t tear it down.  Next a delightful, very small but filled with light condo right on the bay.  I wouldn’t mind living there at all.

    I confess we have been shopping.  I found a stone necklace and a Dior scarf at the store.  At the estate sales, I couldn’t let go a delightful, imaginatve, and colorful carved toucan, a dish to match one of ours, and an amusing silk scarf.  What I really went for was a light for my sewing table.  I may have to go to a real store.  Darn.


  • Himself:  Off to the museum to be a docent.  He had lots of fun shopping till he dropped today.

  • Herself:  Pancakes for lunch with their side of guilt.

  • Reading:  Peters.

  • Gratitudes:  That I could climb stairs and roll down hills this morning with George.

  • January 12, 2017


    • ·       Weather report from the coast:  The rain that’s been thundering down the West coast hasn’t reached us yet.  It has reached my friend Katy who lives on the other side of a creek in the country.  To make sure she could get to work yesterday, she parked her car on the roadside of her bridge.  When she started off to work, her car sputtered and died.  On the alternator under her hood was discovered a fresh mouse nest made of twigs and wire coverings.  A colorful and expensive work of art.
    • ·       Personally, I never got warm yesterday.  The pool seemed cold, the hot tub wasn’t hot, and I shivered at work.  I stayed home today.  Resting.  Taking care of myself.  Warm.  Under the covers until breakfast, shut in the warm office later while Martha does the big cleaning.  Once I figure out what to do with the tchotchke’s on left the work table after my big cleaning, I can go back to quilting. 
    • ·       My cooking has been a little better lately.  I used to love to cook.  I still love to watch competitions like “Top Chef.”  But my past cooking styles had been based on thirties Germanic and sixties Sunset stuff.  Even when the “French Chef” entered our lives, the more relaxed but large portion cooking stayed with me.  Then I burned out on cooking.  Faded away.  Frozen foods be me.  Not now….these days we eat by the plate.  Since carbs are a no no and whole grains don’t work with IBS, we eat meat and veggies.  On smaller plates
    • ·       Tonight we are off to a potluck.  I couldn’t think of what to cook until we got to Costco.  There on one isle were boxes of mini quiches.  Imagine a hundred or so drunks eating quiches.  The thought stretches my sense of humor.


  • Himself:  Loving his new computer.  Not loving work where he gets little work done while answering more phone calls.
  • Herself:  Had one of those “not-home” days yesterday.  Got to the library and couldn’t think of the name of the author I wanted.  Faintly inside me a voice said, perhaps you shouldn’t be driving.  LOL
  • Reading:  Peter’s Christmas books…well done things.
  • Gratitudes:  That I seem to be awake and home today.  Warm too.