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December 6, 2016

A Flock

As I head to the pool every morning, there’s a large flock of pigeons being flown right overhead.  As one, they circle round and round…a thousand or more of them.  I’m mesmerized, and I’m fascinated by the thought that we have a pigeon man here in this very urban neighborhood.

It’s like the buffalo on the hill, unless you stop and think about what you are seeing, you won’t see beyond the surface.  I’d never thought about the Catalina buffalos.  Nor, for the last fifteen or so years, did I realize that the pigeons going around and around over my head were guided by a human hand.

Pigeon flying and racing is a New York subculture that I’d never considered.  Now here it was, right over my head.  Brought over from the old countries, pigeon flying has been adopted by the African American and Hispanic subcultures mainly in New York.  Someone had brought their flock here.  I often wonder who now.

December 4, 2016

A 1972 Ford LTD

Top of the line.

Who knew this station wagon would inspire hours of stories.  Instead of the red and white Ford station wagon, I got to keep company with a 1972 Ford LTD Country Squire this night. 

It was sitting right next to the door, and the first thing most men and women said was that they rode in the back.  Many said facing backwards nauseated them, others commented their father’s or grandfather’s had one in green, in gold, and in crème.  One lady laughingly told me that her father would put on the brakes, and everyone flew forward.  “We just flopped around in there.”

“No seatbelts,” everyone said in chorus.  Yes, there were seatbelts, but no one used them.

I learned it got 8 miles per gallon, it had a 429 engine, it had only three gears, and no one used the seatbelts.  That brought a laugh every single time.  And too, it’s a very, very long vehicle.  Perhaps originally it was supposed to seat eight, but every person remembered all the neighborhood kids jamming in…one sometimes hidden in the back well.  Drive in movies and ball games, rides to school, and all with the sports equipment too.

We were told to not encourage stories, but this station wagon is only one or two generations removed from the factory.  Everyone had a story to tell.  Tales of long trips with the luggage on the top was a frequent story.  The LTD as a ubiquitous Tijuana taxi until recently crowding the city with noise and pollution.  Loved by the taxi drivers because you could get so many people in the wagon.  Loved by the little league moms and traveling dads.  This was the transportation of the end of the 20th century in America.

All without seatbelts, of course.


  • Himself:  Costoc, groceries, lunch and nap at home before 4,000 some visitors to the Automotive Museum at night.
  • Herself:  Did really well until dinner when I ate cookies.  Lots of fun with the LTD.  Skin splitting in thhe dry air.
  • Reading:  Mayor again.
  • Gratitudes:  That it’s a simply stunning day outside, and we are going outside shortly.

  • December 3, 2016

    The Little Things

    Captain Poolie, Director of the Automotive Museum.

    It’s a morning of small things before a big night.  The car needs gas, we bought a too-young present for Zoe, I want to put the sheets away, and we didn’t get enough blue tear drops on one side of the tree.  We need one red sheet to lengthen one of the new red sheets too.  We would like to get all these small errands done before we head off to Balboa Park.

    This central San Diego park, has a little of everything for the citizen and visitors to our city.  Museums of every kind, hiking trails, an archery range, Frisbee course, our world famous Zoo, shops, and restaurants.  Us folks who live here are very proud of our park.  On two nights in December, the park becomes a Holiday Paridise….for all but the museum workers and volunteers.  I went to the first one which was called Christmas on the Prado.  It was a very small affair.  Now a hundred thousand people crowd into the park to eat, sing, enjoy the park party, and celebrate the holiday.

    Tonight we are off to the automotive museum to volunteer this second of 2016 December Nights.  We get there early with our parking pass, and it’s only a tiny walk up to the museum.  He doesn’t know where he will work, but they have told me that I get to SIT at the 1957 Ford Station wagon…the one with its acres of matching picnic things.  I do like that car.