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November 24, 2014

A Very Good Sunday

Greeted by a wall of 8 and 10 foot trees.

It was a quiet start to the day.  I like Sundays where the bed covers are warm, the coffee and muffin are hot, and CBS Sunday Morning is more distracting than the book I am reading.  When the sun came out, we headed out into the blue skies to run an errand or two. 

Got my hair cut.  Got his hair trimmed.  That was most important.  It was his 30th Birthday, you see.

We stopped at the Holiday Store.  I was hoping we could find some blue or turquoise teardrops…they call them finials.  I broke one of our 1950’s finials last year.  Nope.  No replacements.  Laughing, we bought a small blue and silver ray gun. 

We napped, we ate Mexican…which perhaps wasn’t the best social choice, and daughter Margot joined us.  Should have dragged her to dinner too.  Off we went to the church on top of Mount Soledad where G was the chief speaker in his Frank Lloyd Wright tie. 

It was a very good Sunday.

  • Himself:  Started into his 31st year with a grin.  Posting new, old Queen Mary shots to his blog.

  • Herself:  Really enjoying owning a heater.

  • Reading:  Saving Italy…the monuments men in action in Italy.

  • Balance:  Found a powder deodorant that helps with the cast.

  • November 22, 2014

    Whadda Mess!

    I really owe the Great Geezer an apology.  Not only have I been vastly self-centered and selfish with my wrist focus, I’m trailing through his life making messes.  This pile is one he hasn’t cleaned up.

    He’s been making breakfast and lunches, he’s been washing the dishes the moment they arrive in the kitchen, and he’s been carrying things, chopping things, and or taking us out to dinner.  The house is a far tidier place than if I were in charge. 

    He leaves my book piles alone. 

    I have been shelving my books or returning my books once I have read them.  This mountain of readers is mostly unread awaiting my attention.  Really.  Only one is a food anthology, there’s a couple of bios, and the new Saving Italy is down one pile next to the first Rosenfelt.

    The whole is really like a gooey, messy, chocolate and whipped cream dessert.  I take a bite here and savor it before moving on to the next bite.  Wonderful, magical flavors right there next to where I am raising my hand to reduce the swelling.  Easy access delight. 

    Perhaps I might get the necessary bowl with my meds off the pile of dessert and into a drawer though.

  • Himself:  Out to breakfast while Marta is here.  Work, dinner, games.
  • Herself:  I was thinking of taking a couple of books to the park while G works and going to see the show at the Mingei.  New show there.
  • Reading:  Rosenfelt.
  • Balance:  Holding my hand in the air.  LOL

  • November 20, 2014

    Throwback Thursday

    Chilly morning bundled under the covers with the coffee on the window sill, 1977

    He headed off to work well before 0630 this morning.  Up the coast to a Thanksgiving office party.  They kept urging him to come, and pressured he went.  I get to spend the day by myself.  I’m looking forward to this.

    I have a giant project started at last.  Putting all my many years of photos in order on my hard drive.  I started with G’s pictures late yesterday.  And got some done.  Why I didn’t standardize them when I saved them, I don’t know.  Instead of “0024 scan” or Coffee cup, 1977,” I need to rename them and put the date first. “1977 Abbot street windowsill.”  Frankly, I admit it is a truly boring job.

    I have dishes.  He’s been doing them; today I will see how I do one handed.  I have a book: “New Tricks” by David Rosenfelt.  I’m dressed.  We got the heavy quilt out yesterday as we are in the 40’s at night now.  I’ll make the bed and play housewife when I am not raising my hand in the air.   

    Life is certainly not boring, and I have been saying thank you a lot lately.

  • Himself:  Up in Carlsbad.  Took a fruit salad with him.
  • Herself:  Posted all the places I said I would.  Full of gratitude.
  • Reading:  ”New Tricks” by Rosenfelt.
  • Balance:  Talked with my friend who is recreating herself yesterday.