January 16, 2019


Photographer: PAH.  Image from a contact sheet.  1967.

I’m inching my way though this shot taking out the big black X.  Probably no work on it today as I just deleted a batch of photos from my Imgur account by accident.    But it’s coming along. 
Left to Right: Bobbie, Margot with the curls, Fred...a sailor Bobbie brought home, Milaka, me, and Uncle Wonder Ray.

There’s been quite a discussion on this shot in Facebook.  I asked everyone what year it was.  I even got a phone call from Bobbie.  “That’s not me,” she told me.  I laughed at her.  “I remember the dress,” I said.  It was pink and orange.

·        Milaka  Oh Bobbie!
Milaka  Where did you find this one?

o      Katy  I brought it down to San Diego with me...on a contact sheet of photos PAH did of me in 1967 I believe.....
Milaka  I am loving all these. I remember him I'm the dark room
These are awesome photos from the past. Thank you for sharing!
·        Eileen  Clearly there was a professional in the family to mark up rejects.
Maggie  Yes, he was a professional photographer.
Milaka  Maybe east lane house? Just guessing.
Katy  no...Louden Lane
Pam  1960
Milaka  Can’t be. I was born in 64.
Maggie   I didn't meet Bobbie till 66
Margaret  That is the same chair that you were sitting in for that picture that you did a self portrait out of
Milaka  I remember the chair.

Margaret  Milaka Hawkins you have not called me 
Maggie  Yes,
Milaka  You were obviously picking something out of my foot. Must have epic photos as every one interested. Well except Bobbie she looks hot.
Maggie Bailey Look, they are being a band.....1967 1968?
Katy  my guess is 1967...based on when I met you all at Southwestern JC...

...and 1967 it was.

January 15, 2019


Photo: Paul Adams Hawkins. 
Subject:  Victory ships vents, or scoops.  The ships were dismantled in Long Beach in the 60's..

  • Himself:  Made bread instead of going to the gym.  Working hard all day.  Making boxes tonight.
  • Myself:  Spent the center of my day unloading boxes.  Lots of good biographies and hundreds of not so great novels.  And endless procession of kiddie lit too.  No where to put it all in the end.  I had given his final print of this to Laka, and I really missed it.
  • Reading:  Still Hansen.
  • Gratitude’s:  To be able to see and play with all of those books.

January 14, 2019


Photo: Paul Adams Hawkins.
·       Margot gave me a chance to scan some of Paul’s photographs.  She brought them home from his Arizona house after his death.  Some I remember, and other’s like this one never stuck in my memory.
·       Good crowd in the pool this morning.  The wind felt like ice knives as I got out.  The hot tub felt like heaven later.
·       My house moccasins now have new, Dr. Scholls, double air-pillo inserts….speaking of heaven.
·       Laundry almost done, half the dishes done, and groceries purchased.  $58.00 bucks for two is cheaper than eating out every other night.  Mac and cheese with sausages.  Swiss steak with salad one night and beef tacos another night.  Costco meatballs over pasta in red sauce.  Breakfast and lunches too.
·       Focus: Drinking lots of water.
·       The quilt is out and ready for its final crows.   I’m reaching for my energy.
·       Himself:Working on/with wrecks.  Still has a sense of humor despite one shop fixing and releasing a total loss.
Myself:  Dozing here and there.

·       The doctor asked both G and I, “What changed”  It’s taken me a couple of days, but my beautiful printing as gone as I can track through my old and new recipe books.
·       Reading:  Joseph Hansen, “The Man Everybody was Afraid Of.”

January 13, 2019


Is there a rail line near your house?
Three miles away is a station for old town Amtrack and the trolley

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips?
Lays Sour cream flavored

How far do you live from the nearest International airport?
Three miles to the bay to Lindbergh field.

Do you know anyone born of February 29th?

What is the tastiest thing inside your fridge right now?
A nice, ripe avocado.

Do you have a name that can also be used for the opposite sex?

What model of car do you drive?
A middle aged Toyota Corolla and a 24 year old Chevy Cheyenne.

Have you ever dated someone you work with?
Once and that was not a success.

Who was the last person to call you?

Do you have a lock number or pattern for your phone?
Yes, for my cell.

Is your pantry messy at the moment?
Sort of.

List all your siblings middle names.
I got out of this one.  Not a sibling in sight.

How are you feeling today?

What is your favorite type of juice?

What was the last present someone gave you & what was the occasion?
Christmas from Bobbie, a little wooden painted pin.

Do you ever let your phone get totally flat before you recharge it?

What was the last time you left the house & where did you go?
Errands yesterday, today to see daughter up north.

Are you in any physical pain right now, even mild?

What was one of your favorite movies as a small child?
Walt Disney’s Cinderella.

Do you know the middle name of the last person you texted?

Do you have any food intolerance?
Way too many.

Is there any cereal in your house and what kind?
Yes, oatmeal, wheat squares, and grapenuts.

What is the most number of people you have ever lived with?
Seven or eight.

Whats in the drawers beside your bed?
Meds, nose blowers, and vitamins in the top drawer.

What is your favorite place to be when you feel depressed?
In bed with a book.

Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow? 
Today too.

Have you ever faked sick?
All  the time when I was a kid.

Have you gone to a coffee shop in the past week?
No.  I miss Claudia.  I went with her.

Have you ever slept in a tent, inside or out?
Yes, at summer camp.

Last three texts on your phone are from?
I don’t know.  LOL

Are you afraid of flying?
In winter storms.

Do you have freckles?
I have massive amounts of skin damage.

Do you have plans for today?
Yes, G is off getting the full body massage he got for Christmas then we are off to Rancho Bernardo.
Would you rather date someone 5 years older or five years younger than yourself?
            G is vastly younger than I.

What were you doing at 7:45am this morning?
Watching Willie Geist on CBS.

Are you usually awake at midnight?
Nope, bed tenish.

Does it get really cold where you live?
Not really.  35 or so is about the lowest for here.

What is the current temperature today in the town where you live?

It was 45 when I last looked.

What is one thing in the room that reminds you of somebody?
Most of the bedroom furniture was my Grandmother Maudies.

What is the last thing you plugged into an electrical outlet?

The last time you went to a mall, what did you go for?
We went to the movies. 

January 11, 2019




Yesterday was an important day for me, in a way.  I embarrassingly discovered that I moved all the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and filed them under Holmes instead of Doyle.  At least I did not move the Dickens volumes. 

How did I find this out?  I was one aisle over discarding Kiddie Lit.  The lady who is in charge of the Children’s section had not been motivated to come in lately.  I didn’t really want to discard books from her aisle as I knew she was very proprietorial.  As I pulled books, I heard a shriek.  “Who moved all the Holmes books….they were alphabetical. 

Later in the day, I got a call from a dear friend of 54 years and her wonderful sister.  They had driven down the coast to visit….could we have dinner with them.  Margot too.  We took them to “Rudford's,” talked, ate too much, had a great and too short visit, and waved goodbye.  It’s wonderful that they are still in our lives.  It was a special visit for all of us…and they brought pictures.  We briefly talked kiddie lit. 

Oh, how I wish they lived closer.

This morning, after a short walk in the pool, I ran into a Middle School librarian in the locker room.  Her kids no longer read books like Kidnapped or Anne of Green gables.  No classics at all.  The little paper thin books are hard to shelve and not read at all either.  She gave me a perspective on all those many shelves of kiddie lit I waded through yesterday.  How I wish I had time to talk books in depth with Katy.  Maybe when she gets home she will send me a long email with references.

  • Himself:  Slowing down on the boxes as Bobbies New York show was cancelled.  A very bad gallery owner.
  • Myself:  I really enjoyed the kiddie lit yesterday.  Sad to discover that no one reads those books I was so fond of anymore.  Very bad urine test, but I thought it might not be ok as I had used the bathroom before I got there.  Still struggling to find a header that isn't totally overwhelming.
  • Reading:  Kiddie lit…it got an award but I find it awkward.
  • Gratitude’s:  All Friends.

January 9, 2019


I forgot almost everything this morning.  Not my teeth or ears, but everything else of importance.  I’ve finally found a way to remember things like teeth or ears…I put those directly in front of my computer.  I’ve pretty well got remembering those down pat.

“They don’t validate,” said my memory George.

“I have seven dollars,” was my reply.

Then I got downstairs and discovered that I didn’t have my seven dollars.

Up two flights I went, and down the handrail slid $20.00.

Back down I went only to discover that I had the middle section of a three part key holder.

Back up I went.  “I’m sorry,” and I was, “Can you slide the car keys down.”  That’s twice.  He did.  I'm embarrassed.  Enough.

I’m determined to stop this forgetting cycle.  I separate the keys so they don’t weigh down my old ignition switches.  Now days that’s an expensive part.  Instead, I shall leave for places unknown and when I get there, I will put the keys back together again.  I make a list every day, but now I will put the list right in front of my nose.

One has hopes.

  • Himself:  Not so bad today, and the boss has returned to workl.
  • Myself:  Dozing.  See the Derm Doc in a year
  • Reading:  More mysteries about Brandsetter,
  • Gratitude’s:  That I found the Derm Doc’s new office easily.  That it’s a beautiful day out there.

January 8, 2019


George headed off to the Maker’s Place Sunday, and once again I headed for the beach. 

There was a parking spot right at the sea wall, and the surf was roaring.  The tide was out, and so even this unusually high surf only pounded the bottom of the pier.  There was sea weed up on the sidewalk, and sea water in the street from the earlier high tide.  There were crowds too.  I love times like this. 

The crowds stayed far, far away from the homeless man sleeping on top of the wall.  I could have made him a far more interesting photograph, but I left it alone except for cropping.


  • Himself:  Monday was a really tough day, and he says it looks the same today.
  • Myself:  Got the lab work done, the groceries bought, and the laundry started before breakfast.  Breakfast, cleaning me, and I am off to do books.
  • Reading:  Joseph Hansen.
  • Gratitude’s:  George.


Photographer: PAH.  Image from a contact sheet.  1967.             I’m inching my way though this shot taking out the big...