July 26, 2021



Yes, We’ve been watching the Olympics.  We have three TV Channels available to us.  Our fingers have been walking their way through the remote every time we sit.  Neither of us are very enthusiastic about basketball, but we both cheer on our favorites.  Our only problem is that we often head to bed or to an appointment before we find out the ending. 

Of course, I love the water sports.  We did manage to see all of the triathlon.  We did see Simone Biles not do so well last night, darn it.  But how did the bicycle race end?  Women’s volley ball?  I started my morning with Argentina beating the favorite Brazil in men’s volleyball.  We saw all of some of the sculls.  Today, I am seeing all of the laundry.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>   In space.
  • Myself:  Laundry, blogging, exercising.
  • Reading:   Something new.
  • Watching:  NBC’s and USA:  Olympics
  • Photos:  C. Anderson, 1982 Lifeguard contests.
  • Weather:  Hot sticky and monsoonish.
  • Gratitude’s:   That I’m picking up strength.


July 21, 2021



Mine was my grandfather’s last car, a 1957 Chevy. 

I was stationed at Ft. Eustis, Virginia when my mother called to tell me that she was arranging to give me my Grandfather’s car.  I didn’t know the history behind it.  I didn’t know it was a classic, but I did know that it was only a few years old.  I arranged to have a couple of other WACS from San Diego fly out and drive back with me.  It was the great adventure.

Grandfather, Gimpa, had always driven Buicks or Oldsmobile’s.  Someone at the local Buick dealer must have irritated him mightily as he went to the next dealership down the street and bought a bottom line Chevy.   It was all turquoise two door, center post, with no fancy trim and small block, 6 cylinder engine. 

Gimpa drove by hugging the curb until there was something in front of him.  He would go around it then go back to hugging the curb.  This scared mother so much that she had me drive him to church my last high school years.  By the early sixties when I was far away in the wilds of Virginia, he had several horrific accidents one killing a small child.  He made a habit of knocking down the stone gate pillars to the golf course too.  By the time I got the car, there wasn’t a scratch on it.

I met, married, and got pregnant with daughter Margot in Fort Eustis.  My husband was accepted to Art Center in photography in LA.  We loaded up that Chevy topping the roof stack with my heavy duty ironing board and headed back across country to California.  One day we banged the driver’s side door in a gas station.  A one foot by one foot section fell out.  It was lead…they used to use lead instead of Bondo.  We sold the Chevy.

Please tell me about your first car.  I would really be interested.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>   Laundry and exercises.
  • Myself:  Getting winter out of my closet to make more room.
  • Reading:  J. K. Galbraith’s memoirs.
  • Watching:  KPBS:  Bake.
  • Weather:  80 at the beach
  • Gratitude’s:  To have a big closet to clean out.

July 18, 2021


Headers.  Someone at Blogger changed the Header formatting so that it might look good on a cell phone.  One day Kay found her newly posted header a tiny thing in the left hand corner.  She doesn’t remember how she fixed it, but she did fix it.  

I thought since she solved her problem, that I could upload a new image to my header space.  Nope.  I found myself with a tiny little image over in the left upper corner of my blog.

What I did find with G’s help, is this cure via Google

I have discovered a workaround. Scroll down and you'll find out how I fixed this manually --  

Here is the issue stated clearly -- BLOGGER appears to have CHANGED its HEADER WIDGET to automatically reduce the size of your uploaded Header to 150 px height and 300 px length. And it automatically flushes this postage-stamp size Header to the left of the screen, making your blog look ridiculous when viewed on a computer or tablet screen. I am guessing someone at BLOGGER was attempting to change the widget to accommodate mobile devices???? Just a guess for this mess. But if BLOGGER ADMINS are reading this forum thread, then let me assure you that there are PLENTY of people who are still reading blogs on devices larger than a mobile phone screen!


1 - I went to my Dashboard and hit THEME. 


2 - I hit the arrow next to CUSTOMIZE


3 - On the dropdown menu, I hit EDIT HTML


4 - Do you see the line of symbols in the upper right heading of the page? Hit the little building blocks that read "Jump to Widget" when you hover your cursor over them.

5 - A dropdown list should appear. Move your cursor over HEADER or maybe it will say HEADER1

6 - This will jump you to the HTML for the HEADER on your blog.


7 - Here you can adjust the size of your Header UP to where you want it simply by changing 2 numbers in the HTML. See the bolded sizes of 500 and 1000 in the HTML below, which is how we have displayed  our Header for 12 years on Blogger!


<b:widget-setting name='displayHeight'>500</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='sectionWidth'>1022</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='useImage'>true</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='shrinkToFit'>false</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='imagePlacement'>REPLACE</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='displayWidth'>1000</b:widget-setting>


8 - At this point, you will want to hit the EYE SYMBOL in the upper right heading of this page to PREVIEW the Theme. If it looks the way you want it to look, then save it. 

9 - One more thing. This is important If you are seeing a blurry header, there is another workaround.

BLURRY HEADER FIX -- It appears the faulty or "re-programmed" buggy Header Widget automatically uploads and shrinks your Header image to that postage-stamp 150x300 px. size. So when you go in and adjust the HTML to increase your HEADER's display size (as shown above), then blogger simply "blows up" the shrunken image it uploaded and you get a blurry header. 

Here is how to fix this. Go to the HEADER HTML and look at the lines ABOVE the lines you were just working with to increase the size of your HEADER. See the bolded URL (web address) below. That's what you need to replace. Upload your HEADER in a LARGE SIZE somewhere on your blog. I suggest an old blog post. Get the "image URL" of that large version of the Header that you uploaded and paste it into the code, as shown below. Now the software will pull the large image you uploaded separately from the faulty widget and re-size it. 



            <b:widget-setting name='displayUrl'>https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-YlioEUCb-lU/YKiJLDWNdkI/AAAAAAAAeo4/dxtUumoB9sk8kaJxnXldUjOx0iRZcLNwQCLcBGAsYHQ/s16000/MLK%2BHEADER%2B2021-NEW.jpg</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='displayHeight'>500</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='sectionWidth'>1022</b:widget-setting>

            <b:widget-setting name='useImage'>true</b:widget-setting>


I hope that works for you. It worked for our blog and it took me 3 long hours to narrow down the problem and find workable solutions.


BLOGGER TECHS -- I hope you will look into the Widget programming and resolve the issue.  


In the meantime, if anyone out there has a tech blog, feel free to share my solution. 



Last edited 5/22/21



<A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>   Very frustrated by my tech abilities.  Got my old computer set up for Zoe.

Myself:   Blogger needs to fix this problem.  Had a wonderful  few hours reading with granddaughter while G set up my old computer at daughter’s house.

Reading:  The last Craig Johnson.

Watching:  KPBS:   More TGBBS.  Still season 3.

Photo:   Mine.  San Diego Harbor.

Weather:  Sunny and hot.

Gratitude's:  That the header is fixed.


July 17, 2021


We will see how much energy I have after I finish this.  With the new “Unvaccinated” Pandemic rushing by us, it is a good thing to stay home today.  One of the side effects of my immunotherapy is anemia.  No wonder I fall asleep at the thought of anything.  I don’t even seem to have enough red blood cells to carry my coffee to my fingertips today.  George really understands, and I so appreciate him.                                                                                                                                                                       My days are focused now on my assorted therapies.  There’s little left but the endless doctor’s appointments, tests and results, and more new doctor’s appointments after the exercises.  I’m not complaining.  I can feel the results.  My brain seems to go no farther than this tho.  Endlessly.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  Did laundry yesterday.  Heading back to work at the museum today as a docent.  Very exciting stuff.
  • Myself:  To quilt or not to quilt.  Reading in tandem with Zoe yesterday while Margot and George got Grumpy smogged.  Granddaughter bonding.
  • Reading:  Only two Jackson books left to read in the series.  Darn.
  • Watching:  KPBS:  TGBBS plus 60 Minutes.
  • Photo:   USS Jackson, LCS 6, with George while eating dinner on the bay.
  • Weather:  Sunshine.
  • Gratitude’s:  That sunshine. 

July 13, 2021


TUESDAY:  My brain seems to be awake enough to quilt.  That’s what I hope, anyway.

WEDNESDAY:  Nope, I was in a semi-vegetative state most of the day.  Darn it.  We will see if today is better.  Went with G to OT,  Saw RN later.  Wounds almost gone.  Kept falling asleep.

THURSDAY:  Shower, laundry, naps, reading, and more laundry.  If only I could stay awake. 

FRIDAY: All day Thursday calls from Doctor’s offices for new appointments with many new doctor’s.  I ended up short of temper.  Today Smogging Grumpy with Margot driving.  Sunny today.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>   Costco.
  • Myself:  Read and quilt.       
  • Reading:   Johnson.
  • Watching:  KPBS:  GBBS #3 and Semi Final..
  • Photo:  Mage.
  • Weather:  15 % chance of rain.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I have been to my Tuesday Morning Women’s meeting.  That I have been on a five day hiatus from the immunotherapy. 

July 10, 2021


(A ‘small’ is a little bit of an item in an antique or collectible store.  It’s like a lone salt cellar or a teaspoon.)

Marta came to clean today with her daughter.  That got them out of here in two hours instead of four.  I really appreciate them yet feel a little guilty sitting in a chair and puffing.  George moved around them putting dishes in the dishwasher, drying a load of laundry, and hustling me back upstairs.

The good Doc said I’m anemic…that’s what the result of the low B-12 is.  So I am tired.  Very.  I came home, after the doctor’s visit, do all those underappreciated exercises, and suddenly take a two hour nap.   That was unwanted.  They say I need to weigh myself more often to track the water since I am not taking any water pills.  I also get five days off the non-chemo chemo.  Already my brain feels clearer. 

Maybe I will be able to tackle Bobbie’s quilt before Tuesday.

Bobbie said she would be in town today. 

All the pressure sores are healing at last.

We have lift off.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>  He can touch his thumb to his middle finger.
  • Myself:  Puffing less.
  • Reading:  Johnson.
  • Watching:  Netflix:  There’s nothing on regular TV.
  • Photo:  1983, I found a wealth of kid flics, Margot/Laka, and wanted to share them.  Top:  Mine at thhe Mission Beach Plunge.  Bottom:  1980, Connie Anderson.
  • Weather:  Clouds blowing in from the desert.  So strange.
  • Gratitude’s:  For the cooler weather here at the beach.

July 7, 2021


The days are full now.  Always decisions to be made.  My hairdresser has an auto immune disease and can no long work.  It’s heart breaking.  G bought a machine that cuts hair all really short.  I let him do me in last time, and that’s the operant phrase.  Now I am a shaggy dog in need of some form of attention.

 Both vee-hickles need to be smogged, but G can’t drive stick shift Grumpy with one hand.  More immediate is Moaning Myrtle the Toyota’s smog.  G carefully plots her smog after two doctor’s appointments and between two meals.   

 Amy at the hospital calls with a list of G appointments to confirm.  I carefully note each in the paper appointment book.  Diligent be me.   My nurse calls, and I have to tell her that she can come but there will be nowhere for her to park….they are slurrying the streets in our complex.  She insists on coming, but I cannot imagine where she will park.

Today is the only day this week that we don’t have doctors or therapists appointments.  Imagine the freedom.


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>   Shower.  Space.
  • Myself:  Read, shower, type.
  • Reading:  More Johnson.
  • Watching:  KPBS:  Two episodes of TBBS.
  • Photo:  Mine of Grumpy.
  • Weather:  Very thick, grey coastal clouds. 
  • Gratitude’s:  That I am here.


July 3, 2021



I dream of taking a train trip.  George reminds me that I need to be able to walk to the dining car, and he is right.  At the moment, all I can do is a short stroll followed by a long pant.  But in the last week I have been loaded up with exercises that should help get rid of the pants.

What, you ask, are all those bags for?  I have the smaller roll-on…very old.  G has the larger roll-on.  There’s a bag for the pillows and another bag for the laptop…it’s old too.  Backpacks for carry-ons.  We can live out of these for a month or more with stops to do laundry.  When we were in Paris, we just shipped our dirty laundry home.  Ships usually have machines.

I dream of taking a train trip even taking my dirty laundry along. 


  • <A HREF=http://geeeee-zer.blogspot.com/>Himself:</A>   He’s deep into space.
  • Myself:  There’s nothing in the appointment book for the day.  Shower.  Maybe quilt?
  • Reading:  Johnson again…book one.
  • Watching:  Gay Ballet and TGBBS.
  • Photo:  Photo: George.  San Diego Train Station.  2007.  Photo me, LAX, 2007.
  • Weather:  Thickly grey and cloudy.  Don’t know if it will burn off.
  • Gratitude’s:  Not a pain to be seen.



  Yes, We’ve been watching the Olympics.   We have three TV Channels available to us.   Our fingers have been walking their way through the ...