December 24, 2021


And a wonderful Holiday to you and yours.  I’ll be back after Christmas with pictures of joy.  I hope you all have had a glorious day.

  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   Making a pie and brownies for the firemen.
  • Myself:   Not really good for two days but improving now.
  • Reading:  Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s diarys and letters.
  • Watching:  KPBS: 
  • Photo:  The front door.  Thank you for putting up with my Holiday photos every day.  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did posting them.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I’m here to share this holiday with you.


December 22, 2021



It’s a beautiful sunny, cold day.  Winter is upon us, and soon a pair of storms will come rolling through.  I’ll putter around here for the rest of the week feeling heroic as I put the Christmas trimmings away in the tall attic.  I’ve been putting off mending socks, and so that’s another good chore.

They say the rains will come at night, which I think is a shame.   I love watching the rain fall as it blows across my vision at an angle.  We have so little rain here that every bit of it is a bit of a sensation.  Those in the east suffering through snow and sleet and real cold don’t think of our weather in the least dramatic.  I do.  We should have some decent drama here in the next few days.

  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   Laundry, bread, and into space.
  • Myself:   Mending and reading.
  • Reading:   The only way to cross.
  • Watching:  Finding our Roots then Saturday Night Live Christmas Special.
  • Photo:   Mine at 2020 Christmas Lights store.
  • Gratitude’s:   That I slept really well.  Lots of fresh air.

December 21, 2021


I remember once, or twice, in my twenties longing to own new furniture.  Now I am 80 and living with a house filled with other people’s furniture.  As an example, my mattress is new, but the bed frame was Harriett’s.  That’s one item.  But there are so many more…Just look at that picture.

The picture on the wall was mine, but the white bookcase below it was Grandma Maudies.  The camel chests were George’s mom and dads.  The lamp was my mother’s father, Gimpa.  The Morris chair in front of it was Gimpa’s too.   Though the sofa is new Ikea, my favorite chair was once Bobbies…and much closer to the floor.  George gave it new legs.

I guess that over the years I have grown into acceptance that all this stuff is me.   George’s family lived with rooms of things bought in Pakistan.  My family lived with Gimpa’s things.  Even blue chairs sometimes feel they are living a split life. 

My poor kids will have to live with the generational confusions.   

  • <A HREF=>Himself:</A>   Taking the week off.  What fun.
  • Myself:   Cleaning up the wreckage of my present.
  • Reading:   “The Only Way to Cross.”
  • Watching:  Antiques Roadshow and Jay Leno’s Garage.
  • Photo:  Both mine.
  • Gratitude’s:   That I got to sleep in this morning.



And a wonderful Holiday to you and yours.   I’ll be back after Christmas with pictures of joy.   I hope you all have had a glorious day. <...