October 24, 2021


I’m almost leafed out.  There’s only a three by three-ish area left for me to quilt.  I was amazed that so much had gotten done.  I’ve not been the most attentive quilter known to man.  I’ve stalled as much as I can.  I’ve put off working on it endlessly. 

Only when George suggested that I work on it half an hour a day did I get back to work on it.  Slowly it progressed.  Perhaps there’s only a few half hours left to sew leaves now. Frankly, I’m much encouraged.  Then trimming and binding to be done.

Much encouraged by a downtown hotel room too.  SDG&E, our power company, is shutting the neighborhood down for a whole day.  G did some online shopping and found a room by the bay at a reasonable price that had some great reviews.  We are not to be without computer access tho.  The 2 year old Windows 10 laptop spent the day updating itself yesterday.  Today G has the ten year old Windows 7 laptop charging.  I don’t have much in the way of hope that he can get that one going again.

  • Himself:  Gaming, shower, get the oldest laptop working.
  • Myself:  Shower  and leaves.
  • Reading:  Randall Garrett.
  • Watching:  To Catch a Smuggler Colombia.  G likes this show.
  • Photo:  2018, pinning the quilt. 
  • Weather:  A few scattered high clouds.  A cool 63F.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I don’t have to ever get down on the floor again.

October 21, 2021


2017: Amtrak in the LA station ready to head north.                            

A friend of ours is traveling around America on the train.  He’s riding in the luxury of a private car, something I’ve never done.  Still, his enthusiasms led me to my train pictures for one particular image I could use to talk about taking a train trip.  Of course, I didn’t just find one that symbolized the trips.  I found myself lost in the many images that brought me happiness.  I thought I might show you a few.

2017: Miles of empty coastline.


 2017 Gantry on Vandenburgh AFB

George went to a lot of trouble to get an almost in focus image of one of the Vandenburgh Missile gantries. 


The Amtrak Coast Starlight travels through miles of empty rolling hills, past beautiful wetlands, and right through the middle of our crowded cities.



River Mill Dam outside Portland OR.

Seeing the wonderful views, seeing the friends and family makes me want to take this trip right now today.  Although the friend is long gone, the family is still with us.

  • Himself:   Laundry, bread, cookies, gaming, being funny.
  • Myself:  Did leaves most of yesterday.  Started to do more leaves but got distracted by train pictures.
  • Reading:  Randal Garrett’s TO MANY MAGICIANS
  • Watching:  NCIS
  • Photos:  Mine and G’s
  • Weather:  40’s earlier, low 60’s now with a few high clouds.
  • Gratitude’s:  That I can leaf later.


October 18, 2021


We have a whole magic week ahead of us with not one appointment in it.  I was going to do more leaves today, but we ended up heading out for a Mexican lunch and plastic replacement feet.  Now, instead of leaves I’m making notes here.

Leaves…they now go all the way around the quilt.  Only the middle is left to be done.  The middle offers a daunting struggle.

An old time friend called this morning, and it was such a pleasure to hear her voice.  I miss all those folks we know well from the gatherings.  Her voice perked me up and took me away from any thinking.  A good thing.

  • Himself:  Ran errands today.
  • Myself:  Hours of leaves yesterday.  A new on sale shirt today.
  • Reading:  Lord Darcy by Randall Garrett.  My friend Sandy loved him to bits.
  • Watching:  Antiques Roadshow. 
  • Photo:  George.  Me the Hotel Del on my 80TH birthday.
  • Weather:  Chilly with a shower or two.
  • Gratitude’s:  That it’s been such a great day. 

October 15, 2021


Despite all my very good resolve, the quilt is coming along beyond slowly.  The major design elements are finished, and all that remains to be done are leaves.  Endless leaves.  George reminds me that only have to work on it half an hour.  Once I am sitting down, that half an hour usually expands to an hour plus.

One of the tricks of working with gold thread seems to be to sew slowly.  It breaks anyway.  Needles break more often.  I’ve gone through all the “Universal” needles and am now using “jeans.”  The problem is the pulling I do to get the freehand sewing through the small opening in the machine.  

No, it’s not going to go any faster.

  • Himself:  Baking bread, dishes, games in space, and go to CVS and Trader Joes.
  • Myself:   Leaves and riding along.
  • Reading:  Zena Henderson.  I finished the new novel by the duo.  Pretty good stuff.
  • Watching:  Tonight: National G.
  • Photo:  Mine.
  • Weather:  Going from the low 60’s to the 80’s here in Ocean Beach.
  • Gratitude’s:  That my sewing machine is still sewing.



I’m almost leafed out.   There’s only a three by three-ish area left for me to quilt.   I was amazed that so much had gotten done.   I’ve no...