April 17, 2007

Bottle Hollow

Just a little way out of Vernal Utah, we came upon the remains of a modern convention center. Out in front near battered signs and growing weeds, we saw several families picnicking near the main doors.

Hotel room windows gaped empty the curtains blowing in the wind. Glass doors were broken. Grafitti was scrawled across the architect designed walls.

The Unitah County Report states: "Bottle Hollow is a resort owned and operated by the Ute Indian Tribe. Bottle Hollow got it's name from a hollow by the road where empty liquor bottles were tossed by US calvarymen and servicemen. The pile of empty bottles grew rather large and locals starting calling this place "Bottle Hollow" as a joke. The name stuck!"

Or perhaps this dream of the Ute Indian Tribes was constructed so far from the modern transportation grid, that no one ever came.

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