August 16, 2007


Sometimes life is all about the details. Mine was in letting go of my morning mishaps and moving on with a sense of humor. Humor, when I am physically feeling a bit off, is a reach for me. Sometimes it’s an exploration too.

When I lay on the floor to do my leg lifts….at last, I discovered the barrel chair in the bedroom was growing mold again. Nothing like hot, humid weather to awaken mold spores. Just before leaving, I’d left a note for G telling him that I’d started a load of laundry forgetting that he wasn’t feeling quite sharp either. I’d forgotten to ask if he could put it in the dryer. At work the night before, the boss who doesn’t like me actually tried to be jokingly pleasant. I wasn’t coherent in my reply. In the morning, I managed a light apology, and it was accepted in the spirit it was offered. A good start any old time.

Today the temperature is lower, the humidity is lower, and my sense of humor edges into the sideways. I’ll take that happy state and run with it any old time remembering that living well is in the details even if they are a bit odd


  1. Hello, DT! I just discovered that you had stopped by my last blog post and left me a comment...I'm soooo glad you did!! I've already added you to my bloglines so I can come visit you often. I love that house top you have going there...and hope you're feeling better. I'm going to go read your blog now. :>

  2. Too funny...I'm laughing out loud and afraid I'll waking sleeping husband so I'll be back later.


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