August 18, 2007

Forty Five Minutes

I have forty five minutes. My fourty five minutes not getting ready for work time, not travel time, not cook time, but me time. Selfish time. It would be tactful if I squeezed a shower in there somewhere too, and if I type fast, I can get a journal entry in too.

As that bug fades into memory….and so many workers at the ball park have this and think they’ve had a touch of food poisoning, the heat fades too. I resolutely stay in the shade while commiserating with all the slightly ill workers. Antimicrobial hand cleaner is my best friend. Soap and water are close seconds.

Who has time to think of quilting or even travel.

Then again, either a travel quilt highlighting the best of the west or a transportation quilt fore the transportation man might be next. I had my nine patch respite. I’ve now had my four patch with border respite. Delightful breaks from my frustrating sewing errors. Because my addition and subtraction are so suspect, quilting is always more than an adventure.

And too, I have acres of new “Walking to Work” photographs to post but no time. None at all. I’m down to less than half an hour your time, and I leave you with an image taken earlier in the year.

I am doing something wrong here. My entries show up late or not at all. I'm very frustrated, and know not what I do wrong.

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