August 20, 2007

Half An Hour

Fading fast. That’s me too. I did have ambitions plans for the morning, but they too faded fast in the daylight of reason. My hair needs whacking off. Over there sits G, even with a hat on his head ready to move on out. I don’t think I am ready to move out yet. A shower maybe. No hair whacking. Maybe next week.

Everyday I give myself getting ready time to balance the “me” time. It now takes me half an hour, maybe even a little less, to shower, dress, brush and braid my hair, brush and not braid my teeth, grab my pre-made dinner, (that I put together when I made lunch,) pop on my shoes, make sure I have everything, and head for the bus stop.

Last week I forgot to take my credentials.

What do I do at work? I check credentials. Several years ago, I forgot mine. When I got this newest one, I stuck the old one in my pack so I would have it in case I forgot it ever again. There it was. Saved me. Hurrah.

Now there are two more days of half hours this week of checking credentials. One a night game and one a day game of half hour getting readys. Then I have a week off before starting all this again….for the last two homestands. There have been no big poems rushing around in my head. No great photos either. I have decided to make the next quilt a transportation quilt of cars, trucks, boats, planes, and motorcycles.

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