August 10, 2007

Survey of the Day

Urban art keeps the neighborhood amused.

Today I swiped a survey from Dave Dog, As the focus of my day isn’t writing. So of course I thought I could whip through a survey quickly. Not at all, I found. The joke is on me.

1. Which article of clothing do you wish you had one more of?
Greenish khaki pants….that universal green that goes with almost everything….and I only own one pair.

2. What is your favorite thing to go shopping for?
Clothes from Amvets. And of course, I don’t need much right now….as I work my way through all my denims where I find nothing I own is the shape I am now.

3. What is your favorite meal to cook?
I used to love to cook. Love it. There were great crowds to dinner every single night. Entertain was my middle name. I own every single pot, pan, and goodie for kitchens known to man. Now “Out” is my favorite meal. Desert now… that I don’t eat them, that’s another kettle of fish.

4. Who was your favorite teacher ever?
Perhaps Mrs. Madigan at Chula Vista Jr. High who woke the art in a teenager, or Mrs. Battenfield at Boydens who reawoke reading, or three or four art teachers at Southwestern College.

5. Did you ever win any awards in school? Details, please.
Yes. Art awards and honors awards at SDSU.

8. What's the best legal way to make a whole lot of money and do very little work?
I would have said, “Buy property,” but the property market has tanked. Now I say, “wait until the property market has reached it’s bottom and buy more property.

9. What celebrity would make you speechless if you met them?
Big Hollywood stars used to leave me speechless. They still do….speechless that they could be so dumb and get sucked in to the drinking and drugs and anorexia.

10. What TV show do you watch and think, "Geez, this is lame. But I sure do watch it a lot."?
Not a lot, but sometimes when I am so tired there is no brain left, I can be sucked into “The Worlds Worst Police Chases,” or other shows of that ilk. Yes, I’m sick when I’m tired.

11. Which TV family would you most want to be a member of and why?
None, thank you.

12. What song always makes you want to dance?
Anything with a heavy pounding beat that I can crank up. I can’t hear the lyrics any more….did I say that.

13. What do you do about a hangover?
Two solutions: Now here is a topic I’m an expert on. At last, I can discourse on this and make sense by the hour, but I will be kind and give you the short course.

1. Carbos. Four asprin, a hamburger, and water. Dehydration will get you every time. Sit in one place and read until the shaking ceases. Later, move only gently, and go to bed early. You can drink again the following day. There are some that advocate the hair of the dog, but if you follow my suggestions you can drink for many more years with great expertise.

2. Don’t drink. Don’t be so silly and drink till you are hungover in the first place.

14. Have you ever played "Guitar Hero"? Are you any good?
Nope, but I know all the old folk stuff from the sisties.

15. Indiana Jones or Han Solo?
Oh, I am a sucker for the Indiana Jones type. Every time, give me beards.

16. Alex P. Keaton or Marty McFly?
Who are they? Obviously I missed something while learning about number 13.

17. Rocky or Rambo?
I skipped those too, thank you. See number 13.

18. Do you think you drive safely?
With me, it’s move it or lose it. If I don’t drive regularly or drive a new to me car, I’m shakey out there on the road. No night driving any more either because of the stroke. Now, behind the wheel of a pickup, I think I’m Queen Of the Road. Watchout baby, here she comes.

19. When is the last time you went to the zoo?
We don’t go often enough, and we are members. Here in San Diego, the focus of our Zoo is to save as many species as they can and educate the public while they are at it. Every time I go, I learn something new, get a good walk in, and enjoy myself.

20. How old is too old for myspace?
The programming is beyond me. I found it interesting that Newsweek just did an article on My Space vs Facebook saying it all boiled down to class structure. What does that mean for Blogspot or the other blogging sites?

21 applies only to OD. Sorry folks.

22. How many times a day do you think about sex?
In the mornings, in the …………

23. If you wrote a book, who would you ask to write the foreward?
Fiction doesn’t need forwards.

24. 50 Cent or The Game?
Another one of those ‘too young for me” things. Or did I miss this while practicing number 13?

25. Poison or Motley Crue?
Poison…..I guess.

26. Do you know what a palindrome is?
Quoting DD: “I was an English major in college. I should, and I do. Examples; "madam," "kayak."” Here’s a site with a huge list of palindromes…words that read the same forward and backward. Palindrome List.

27. Have you noticed that most eyewitnesses on the local news are "local yokels"? Why can't they ever find someone well spoken?
Not a lot of local yokels here. Often “names” move here, and love it here, and stay here. Then again, we often find ourselves used as stepping stones to better markets. Right now all our weather folks are playing “Switch That Station.” I hate it.

28. What do you want for your next birthday?
Not to work and dinner and desert out. One of those "fancy places like Bertrum Hugs at Mr. A's with a view of the bay. As you get older there are priorities, thank you.

29. Why don't they show Bugs Bunny on network TV on Saturday morning anymore?
They don’t?

30. Who was your favorite cartoon character as a kid?
Any Loony Toons Cartoon.

.........That's All Folks.........

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