August 15, 2007

A Three Thing Morning

I managed to make it downstairs to get the paper, the bread and butter, and my coffee, but then there was a burp in the smooth continuity of my life.

Sitting back on the bed for morning news with my coffee, I dropped the top sheet on top of the bread on the plate….nothing like a little melted butter on cotton to liven things up. Then getting up to water down my coffee a trifle, I banged my good knee into the small dresser as I attempted to get up. Yes, I was able to put the coffee down before I rolled about on the bed in agony. Gripping ones knee and rolling about a bit does make it feel better.

Lastly, as I sat down, again, breakfast fell to the carpet and I stepped on it. Wasn’t it nice that breakfast was face up and folded over when my foot sensed it was crushing something that wasn’t carpet?

Nothing else bad will happen today. I know this for sure. I will double back up all my karma by eating bread and butter for all occasions so that the bug plus a late evening attack of IBS doesn’t happen this night.

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  1. Well, imagine finding you over here too! And how ambitious you are, to be au currant on both places. As you can plainly see, I struggle over there and am abysmal over here.

    But hope springs eternal that I'll turn into a scintillating, sparkling blogger with daily delights for one and all. (Don't look out the window, you might see pigs ...)



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