August 11, 2007


Ah guilt. When you don’t smoke, your windows stay clean longer. Did you know that?

So here we are with a three-story condo and acres of unwashed glass. I have a delightful sister in law that dusts with a leaf blower. If I could blow the dust and dirt off my windows, I assure you I would. Instead, I ignore them. Why? G said he would do them when we moved in, and he let them go the way of all good things after we stopped smoking.

That was a lot of years ago. Did I say that too?

“I did one or two of them when I couldn’t see out?”

“No you didn’t.”

“Yes. I did. Sometime in the past….,” the thought trailed off as he stared out the computer room windows that are obviously cleaner than any others.

“When were these installed?” I asked him.

“Sometime last year.”

“This year,” I said checking my computer files.

“April,” he replied.

So we know when these were washed. Perhaps this set doesn’t have to be done today. That’s a hopeful thought. Grumpy needs to be smogged today for his 13th birthday, and first I’ll put on good shorts and go with G for this occasion. Later I will don a blue rag purporting to be work shorts and wash glass. Not willingly, of course. If I can invent a leaf blower that cleaned glass as well as banish dust, I’d be Glenda the Good Witch of the North for everyone.

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