September 4, 2007

Coding Errors

...or other orts from a sedentary Holiday.

World’s Greatest Passenger Ships, Volume 5. Photo: Copyright G, 2007.

My dear G wasn’t a happy man yesterday. In fact, he hasn’t been himself for a few days. He’s been eating peanuts, lots of peanuts at the ball games, and yesterday he found himself bloated, miserable, hurting, unhappy, and rooted into his computer chair playing one computer game all day silently.

We think peanuts no longer agree with him. That’s some pretty clear thinking actually.

So we stayed home. We were quiet as the heat climbed beyond high to miserable at the beach. G even jack hammered himself out of his chair and down into the garage to dug out the fan at one point. Poor guy. I looked at my legs after coffee, those pins I’d been standing on for seven days, and the resulting sausages got themselves encased in pressure stockings and stayed elevated all day. That too was some pretty clear thinking.

I spent my morning uploading the latest ballpark pictures and creating a blog entry. After an easy lunch, I spent more time playing with photos and playing online. There was nothing intellectual at all here yesterday, and with the size of my good leg today, I’m afraid intellectualism has gone the way of all good things for the second day. Why? After a moment of great enlightenment yesterday, my brain slogged back into it’s natural vegetative state.

Enlightenment? Me?

I was over at Blogspot playing around with the coding in hopes of getting something to work. They have a service that points out your coding errors, and I was trying to figure away to use it to solve my coding problems. They offer only a WYSIWYG editor. For my pages on Open Diary, I do minimal coding then dump my stuff from Word directly into my journal. No fuss, muss, confusions, or frustrations of WYSIWYG for me.

The first time around at Blogspot, I would save, edit, end up with garbage, and be a very frustrated me. A shred paper, stamp feet on floor, frustrated me, in fact.

Then I found Wordpress. My site at Wordpress also uses their WYSIWYG editor, but there I edited the copy to the bare bones minimum before I pasted directly into their editor. It worked. Wordpress will take my image coding, something that Blogspot will not do. The result has much of the same information but is easy to use, easy to access, offers a blog roll of off site blogs, and has individual “tags” for each entry…..which I like a lot.

Do I really need three online journals? No. So on my way to Blogspot to delete my journal there, I stopped by Ronni’s blog. Much to my surprise, I’d been added to her blogroll unfortunately using the Blogspot URL. Now it had become imperative to get that URL up and running.

Comparing coding on one journal entry where some single pictures appeared in the entry and others did not, I discovered that the lowly “quote” mark seemed to be the difference. If I saved my entry at any point, their WYSIWYG editor would attempt to repair or fix the coding and cacophony would result….many copies of the same code and each one different. The solution: copying and pasting from Word, adding quotes to the image coding, and publishing not saving or editing, results in an entry that has incomplete content but correct with its coding. I mean….with a learning disabled brain further scrambled by a stroke, this flash of coding genius was pure gold as far as I was concerned. Ka Bam!

Thereafter I lapsed back into my usual vegetative state followed by a light dinner at Soup Plantation. By tomorrow, my very sausage-like legs from standing for seven straight days should once again resemble legs instead of the recluses from the pulmonary artery surgery that they are. Today I will be deleting the Wordpress journal. No one needs three copies of their journal taking up bandwidth, but not before attempting to load this entry into Blogspot. You know I’m determined not to fail. No fleeting brilliance here.

Me: Enforced quiet in front of the fan.

G: Very unhappy.

Duck: Happy but thought he had two phones as he could hear another phone ringing.

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  1. I was surprised by your comment. I had no idea Ronnie added my journal. I see I have to have a blogger/google account to comment on your blog so I'm really "aenodia." I had been thinking about transferring to WordPress also. I suppose I'll stick with Live Journal.

    I suppose anyone the least bit familiar with baseball would know the ball park you work at. I enjoyed the pictures.


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