September 3, 2007

Comfort Moments

It was the end of summer busies for the “Fanatical Feasters” with some viewing the “Dead Sea Scroll” exhibit and others with housefuls of friends. Only four of us pigged out on proper seafood by the bay. Here’s three of the four.

Sunny and cooler dissolved into grey, humid and even a few sprinkles this morning before the sun finally came out to bake us. Bliss for us was visiting two Amvets, and I digging deep into my closet for discards and shopping for new stuff only because I was forced to. It was a tale of triumph as I’d try on a pair of pants only to see them hang in bags within fifteen minutes. And too, with all this humidity, owning only one pair of shorts didn’t quite make it. What a wonderful excuse to go thrift store shopping.

G enjoying Duck.

Duck actually remembered to tell G he needed tooth paste. He did want floss, but we had given him some and I remembered him putting it in his coat pocket. Of such things are comfort made.

What more could one want.

Me: Flat out gobs of fun.

G: G has moved into his new office, his computer is almost set up, and he is a very happy man at home, repleat, and playing his new favorite space computer game.

Duck: Nope, he can’t find his room or the dining room, but his unexpected bout of humor has left us all delighted and joining in the enjoyment of the moment.

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