September 24, 2007

A Content Driven Life

Getting set up for the 2007 season awards before the last homestand game. Quality employees are live content driven lives too.

I always enjoy my Monday morning conversations with Bee even when I am not functional….like this morning.. She forced me into these calls as a means of maintaining our friendship. I hate phones. Years of spending my days on the phone left me alienated from it. She wanted to talk. We talk….and usually about art.

She’s never felt sure of herself as an artist. I understand. I’ve always known what I was….I was good at art. I never worried about technique falling easily into any kind of art with great enthusiasm whether painting abstractions or creating a pot. Now after a many year apprenticeship in advertising art, her “I’ll never paint” grew into a unique form of hyperrealism that pushes reality based art beyond real into an imaginative based painting. Her works always have a twist, but always at the heart of them has been technique. Her usually small tromp l’oeil realism pieces always contain a dash of surrealism to catch the imagination too.

Stunning stuff, but technique driven. Only recently did she have an earth shaking moment at her new critique group where the teacher and students all praised the juxtaposition of two paintings on a board with the mess left around them. It gave the already technique heavy work an extra punch of content. Kapow. Her thinking is jumpstarted into onto a new content driven path even as she explores new ways of painting this new content.

I have, if lucky, twenty years of art life left. She has a few more years. I haven’t got time any more to have a technique driven life. I pointed that out to her this morning. I’ve had my stroke, and it has taken me quite long enough to move on to a new media. I’ve had my group shows, my masters shows, my one man shows….I’m just interested in the doing now. No perfection here. I’m fascinated by content, and I often let technique fall by the way as I record

Heaven only knows what I will do with my current batch of “content” as I find words even more ephemeral than images. Perhaps I will rework my last day words into a poem. Maybe I will play with one of G’s baseball images, or letting technique as well as content fade away while I nap. Tomorrow will be a day for errands, groceries, and cleaners, and too, tomorrow will be a good day for following dreams.

Center Cee and Dianne to her right getting awards for their year of service.


Hyper-real Gran Tourino

Victor Rodriquez: and the revival of Hyperrealism

Face to Face: Moline-Kramer

Tromp l’oeil: The art of more than illusion

Ethel Green: Surrealistic Paintings

Me: Sat: I made it to the field to see Cee and Di get their Team Member of the Year awards. Campo family came to a game and it was a thrill to see them. Sun: Invited away from my gate yesterday to a pot-luck given deep in the bowels of the park by the paramedics. I felt really honored. Dinner at a potluck at the security office. Bed very early. Legs look like legs. I may live but am dramatically larger after this ten day eating bout.

G: Four ball games in a row. I think he had fun, but he gained six pounds. He’s at work at seven this week. We like this schedule.

Duck: He was talking to G and said, about one book, that “I think G has it.” As if they were two different people. We know we will get more and more of this.

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