September 18, 2007

Five and Six: We're the Picks

Ballpark Images top and bottom: The Omni Suspension Bridge, it connects the Omni Hotel to the ballpark: Copyright in G’s real name, 2007.

Braving the new bus schedules, I made it to the bank and the ball park early…..and included a short walk. Unfortunately, it was one of those days that everyone loved me and showed this love with food, food, and more food.

“Want a brownie?”

“Here,” she said holding out three still warm lumpia. I love lumpia. Lumpia, the egg roll of the Philippines, are very labor intensive. The giver knew I love lumpia.

All I could say was, “Thank you.”

I was able to turn down the second brownie……..feeling very heroic, mind you, and I was able to closely examine all the cookies in the break room to discern there were only oatmeal. I’m very allergic to oats. Saved by the oats, indeed. Next time I might ask if there are chocolate chip cookies instead of breathing down the cookies necks to discover if the black dots were raisins or chocolate chips. Silly me.

We won. This is better than good for the San Diego baseball community. I still haven’t caught my murderer in the book I bring to read in the dark at my table. I know who he is tho. This is progress. I’ve been invited to the season end potluck and can bring G….another first. Best of all, the staff teased me about something rather than just handing me my equipment and going about their before game jobs. I haven’t decided if this coming into their view is good or my far away in the corner anonymity isn’t better.

Me: Pretty good but creaky. Thursday and Sunday are day games. That means, I won’t be here.

G: Second day of new hours at work: 8 to 5. They make sense for the California clientele. He and Ba came last night, and everyone was so tired they were punch drunk silly and had a grand time.

Duck: G’s seeing him this evening at last.

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  1. Awwwwk! Look how far behind I got this month! Thanks for tipping me off, Mage. I just started catch-up reading (and also fixed the link at my place). Hoo! Oh -- love the new look and how totally neat that you and George are lookin' sporty on the sidebar. Grins and hugs for both of you. And mojo to get through the season!


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