September 25, 2007

Gettin' Goin' Girl

An Eighth Avenue office building turned into the Kvass Construction headquarters in 2004, and now as the façade to “The Legend.” Copyright G or M….who knows which of us took the pictures. 2007.

I’ll miss seeing the park every day. I’ll miss the people most of all, but I will also miss the evolution of the building and grounds as they slowly grind their way to finishing while we are gone.

The “Legend” building is a condominium structure in the left outfield that includes the façade of one historic building as the entrance. I’ve watched it go from an intact building to a façade to an entryway in the last four years. The condos are beginning to sell now even as the workers put the finishing touches on the multi-building structure.

Here only the façade remains as they begin to dig out for the “Legend” garage.

I’ve been lax in more ways than one this year. I've felt old and creaky and "backless" all year. Not only did I not walk as much as I have in past years, but I have not taken as many record photographs this year either. As a result, I’ve been out of shape much of the year…….oh, complaining me, and G has taken the best photos at my urging.

Work halted for a while as the “ash pit” as excavated.

“What are you doing?” I would ask that often in the first couple of years. Ash pit? Each building had their own incinerator. I’d forgotten that.

The main tower inches slowly upward. 2006.

Often in 2006, I would walk to work past the first pours, past the workers and grinding cement trucks every day.

Construction proceeds on the north tower as a father and son play ball on the little league field in the Park In The Park. 2006.

Today there are plants on the roof gardens, and part of the construction fence is gone. 2007.

I hope the folks that move in here not only like baseball but like kids too.

The last touches go on at the six building complex.

I’ll be back a few times this next year. I’m taking brownies to the Hine’s maintenance workers thanking them for all the help they’ve been this year. Since I have to go through the 24 hour security post, I’ll take them a brownie or two also. I’ll take a few photographs that day too. If I am there for soccer, I will take a few more. There will be six months for these buildings to get finished without my help.

Me: Up and at ‘em. Gained seven pounds. Legs look good. Walking beginning again today. Full time WW began yesterday.

G: Gained seven pounds. He’s uniform again. He’s applying or applied for two management jobs. Nothing’s fixed at his job.

Duck: Not smiling as much as usual. The home finally got a letter from the SS folks, and on October 2, his SS will now be coming to the nursing facility. I noted to them that he’s been there since January. They will let us know what the patient responsibility is. I will be glad to close his account and give them the last of Duck’s money. I’ll write his friends later today.

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