September 3, 2007


The Icon Building. Solarized Sunset, 2007.

September 1, 2007:
Again I take my camera. Oh, this poor thing gets smashed here, banged there, and I am so very grateful to own it. Slowly I learn to stabilize me so I don’t lose so many images to movement. Nope, it’s not a new camera. Yes, it’s only five pixels….but that’s a far cry from the .73 pixel Sony we had in the beginning. G’s camera has image stabilization, and I confess to image stabilization envy.

I took a new bus to work yesterday from my downtown stop. It was too hot to walk anywhere in our city. As the bus turned and headed into the last street, I noticed a lady who had settled her stuffed family in for the ride. One was comfortably placed so it could see out the window. I was charmed by the reality.

Briefly I stopped to photograph the field from the scoreboard area.

And later through the day, I grabbed any images that captured my imagination or sense of humor.

Sometimes my sense of humor isn’t other’s sense of humor.

Sometimes I just record; there’s the Right Field seating. There’s the East Ramp. I’m over there, tucked underneath answering questions. Now, my answering questions is humorous. Perhaps even an oxymoron.

Me: Hot at the ball park. Very hot….but at least I have shade. I’ve begun a campaign to get the Supervisor on the corner gate a MVP pin for her extraordinary efforts with difficult people….me encluded.

G: Loving his job. Humor and smiles everywhere. He and Ba showed up for work laughing and smiling. Ate icecream for dinner, and stayed an hour-plus waiting for me while about 5 thousand extra folks prayed on the field and left heading my way. Very unorganized. Great ball tho. We won and are again tied for first.

Duck: G reports Duck was ok yesterday. He seemed a little more with-it yesterday.

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