September 14, 2007

One: I'm Off

A really ugly hat that covers nothing of importance. Laughter is very good for the soul.

There will be ten days, three of these days will be actual day games. Ah, sleep deprivation will be me. We all dread it. The GSR’s hate it the most as most of them aren’t in their younger years and their bodies react so badly to the night-day changes. And………..

  • ……….G has season tickets for Friday, Sunday, and Monday. Both he and Ba won Toyota Terrace tickets, those are the 45 dollar seats, for Saturday. I reminded him that he can come home from work, visit Duck, take a short nap, and they still scan tickets up the seventh inning.

  • I took two old rolls of film to be processed yesterday. At Target. They came out looking as if they were processed by a dot matrix printer. Garbage. A waste of money. But……there were images of Mr. G Roundy at his best. He had to have been wearing skin tight 42’s and really needed relaxed fit 44’s. He insists he got fatter after the picture was taken. I’ll post pictures later.

  • I own two unused rolls of film. I own one really good Pentax with a panoply of good lenses that I never use. I own a really good but heavy point and shoot Pentax too. Will that film ever get used?

  • Routine will help me survive the upcoming sleep deprivation. Three days of it. Those many years of drinking and drugs and staying up for days still haunt me. If I don’t get at least seven hours of sleep, hallucinations hang waiting in the background. I can always tell when I am over tired. Once I noted that all the seaweed on the beach had turned into dead dogs. Whooops.

  • I’ve moved the quilting out of the way for the next week plus. I’d like to come back to it and find it not dust covered, not ort covered, and no coke or coffee rings on the fabric either, please. I did the laundry yesterday….lots of exercise going up and down the stairs. Dishes are done. Leftovers for dinner. That’ll help clean out the ice box. The bits and pieces of life are getting tidied up.

  • G bits: Please feed your birds, she suggests kindly. I watered the plants. Yes, it’s pretty bad when you have to leave notes on your blog for your husband.

  • Confessions of a fat old artist: Yes, I am going to have donuts for breakfast on those days after I have worked nights. Yes too, I will probably have a cookie or two after dinner. I will soon be a fatter old artist and have to deeply search out hundreds of one point meals to follow the baseball season.

  • Laughter heals. Laughter heals even sleep deprived, fat old artists.

Me Wearing: Starting the day in greenish men’s PJ bottoms and a white polo.

G wearing: Levis and a navy blue Padres shirt.

Duck wearing: Maroon again. G stripped tape bits off his formica closet doors while I washed his sliders and got dirt out of the corner near the door. Things look a little better. G took away drawer handles and will bring them back with screws that fit. Details. G discovered he had been hoarding plastic coat hangers. They always take away all the empty hangers when they do the laundry, and he gets upset when he can’t hang his dirty clothes back up to wear again. Ah, reality.

And that's enough of those observations. I wonder why I started these clothing asides.

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