September 8, 2007

Simply Smilin'

We’re off. I still look like this, but G is two sizes smaller, May 2007.

Ba is having a Bunco party this evening. She had a tooth out yesterday, and I feel so sorry for her. Could she have rescheduled? I don’t know. The usual crowd will be there tho, and G and I will join them. G does Bunco well. Bunco for me is numbers, and I pull down any team I am on.

We are heading out into the cool sunshine…….me in shorts with my three foot long pulmonary surgery scar in full view… shop for something foodie to bring and a gift for Ba’s birthday. She likes glass. Something modern perhaps. Ross. Macy’s is having a one day sale. Home to sew this afternoon, a visit with Duck, and Ba’s house this evening. We are keeping it simple…yes, that’s simple for the two of us, Mr. and Mrs. Shoptilyoudrop.

Lots of fun.....thank you. We had a ball. We arrived for Ba's birthday with an oriental lunch box filled with Halloween odds and ends....candles, table mats, more candles, salt and pepper get the idea. She loved them all.

We stayed until almost eight uncomfortable socially now even in a giant room filled with people with over twenty years of sobriety. We agree we isolate, and we both agree this isn't good for us. We left using the excuse that I have to be at football early tomorrow, which I do. The reality of it all is that we don't know how to interact with others any more.

Me: What a loverly day off. Football tomorrow. I had a virus in two spots on my computer found this morning by Norton. No virus on G’s computers.

G: His 38’s are getting baggy now. Marie’s computer would back up at G’s work but not here at home. It was someone’s corporate toy.

Duck: G says he was holding his own. Often now he watches one thing and we find ourselves talking around him.

Friends: I did call the friend of Duck’s who have not been stopping in to see him. One has been drinking again. Duck would spot that in a minute.

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