September 3, 2007

Staff of Life

A field of dreams, 2007.

August 28, 2007: I was going to do a survey but mended my rolling bag instead. Bag A wins again. Sports casters call their bags, Bag A or Bag B…..I have an A that ripped. We bought a bag B but it didn’t work.

Who knows if my mend will work, but mended it is.
We are outta bread too. Short on the staff of life that we don’t have any of…..sometimes you have to laugh. I love e-mail. Dear G will go next door to where he works and get a loaf at Costco while I head south.

Now showered, off to bank to insert paycheck, and work.


Me: Was in pretty good shape despite not having a sense of humor with drunks at the end of the evening. This morning, I didn’t deal with mending the bag at all well. My BP wasn’t happy with me at all.

G: Training at work. Took Duck to his dentist, and Duck remembered him. He isn’t brushing much, and his teeth have gone downhill. Cleanings will be every three months now.

Duck: Knew where he lived.

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