September 12, 2007

Things I wanna do.........

....before heading back to the salt mines.

Saying, “Thank you!” You are all so kind. Many thanks for all the wonderful notes, cards, calls, and goodies. Sept, 2007.

Thank you……thank you all. For the last seven years, it’s been a bit difficult for me to jump start happy birthday thinking. Not yesterday. Once I dusted off the thinking, giving it a proper poke, you all got me pumped up and on the right track.

Clichés will do very nicely today, won’t they.

Now there’s two days left until we all vanish into the last homestand of the season. All ten days of it that all of us who work at that ballpark have been anticipating with great negativity since the beginning of the season. “Anticipation” may be a good song, but it’s a heck of a long and tiring amount of time to stand on ones feet talking and being nice.

I have two days left of real life, and there’s some things I wanna do before vanishing…..

  • I wanna get some new, Dr. Scholl’s, double foam, shoe inserts. If I am going to survive the next ten days, these are a must have. I can do that on the way to…..

  • …the thrift store. Or two. I need a pat on the back. I need some shopping therapy. I wanna go wander the color coordinated isles of Amvets and have a ball just looking at stuff. Mountains of stuff. Miles of stuff. I need to upgrade my wardrobe for the winter anyway. Layers are in again. I look like 1980 and would rather look 2007. I want a carrot to dangle in front of my nose when I am suffering the next ten days. And to think I am younger than many of the other workers.

  • I wanna look at pictures. I picked up all ten volumes of the Time/Life Photography Series at our local library book sale corner for a buck each two days ago. (They threw in “Eat Shoots and Leaves” when I told them I was apostrophe challenged….which I am.) It’s an old series and assumes that you are really interested in making your own photographs with your own SLR in your own darkroom with all those trays, chemicals, and equipment. I already did all that with my first husband. I’m fascinated in learning more from the photos they use as examples. All those “greats” are truly great. Unfortunately, the volumes are heavily smoke challenged. They smell just like they belonged to me and sat next to my computer for the last twenty years. Really bad, in fact, and I can only peruse them for short periods.

  • I wanna eat at home simply after yesterday. Did I eat like that all the time in past years? No wonder everyone is overweight. Felipe’s is truly a mom and pop shop with wonderful, if too much, home cooking on every plate. I shared a salad with Dr. Jay and G, then I shared a lasagna with sausage and meat ball with G too. Add bread. Oh yes. And after dinner, Jay took me out for ice cream. Oh that wonderful fattening Ben and Jerry’s with hot fudge by the bay.

  • I wanna pin the next block together….it’s a Victorian girl on a velocipede. It’s pretty hard to imagine a girl up on one of those wearing Victorian period dress, but I know they rode bikes during that time. Up she goes with her leg-o-mutton sleeves…a good graphic if not realistic. It’s for me not someone else, so “Oh well.”

So if you want me, Grumpy and I will be out running errands and having a grand time in the early morning. Maybe I will even get a walk in there too. Who knows.

G, Georgette, and Dr. Jim gaining weight at Seaport Village.

Me: Just loverly. Thank you. Dinner was perfectomundo fattening. Desert: Ben and Jerry’s with hot fudge, and one quilt block done.

G: Gave me one of those musical cards. The Silly G was still singing that song when he picked me up for dinner. Got one of those calls from the nursing home that puts one in a panic. There really wasn’t a problem, but if Duck reports something I guess they have to call G.

Duck: Banged his head, but he really was ok. All dressed up when we got there. Remembered Jay, and he remembered that G gave him the shirt. Couldn’t remember how to turn off his TV. Lit up like a Christmas Tree when he saw Dr. Jay with us last night.

We still haven’t got the nursing home to call SS and get Duck to give them his SS number and his B’date. That’s all they need to do to get his money transferred to him from his checking account. We keep asking. They stay non-functional. Geeesh.

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