September 28, 2007

Those Gotta Do's

Petco Park from right field. 2007.

It’s Friday. G’s back on his old six to three-ish hours, and our hours are skewed again. Back to work tomorrow….football this time. It’s sprinkling out there, and I want to get my march around the block in before more of that unaccustomed wetness hits the ground. I’ll do bullets just so they can be easily updated during the day. Sounds good to me, but who knows if it will work or not.

  • G now has two laptops. Which will be the better one to send to school with Marie? I get to do research: Dell Latitude D505 or a Dell Latitude D600.

  • I’ve organized both my closet and the coat closet so they are usable. Non-usable stuff, like my wedding shirt, will be bagged and hung in the garage everything else can go to a thrift store. I need to hang the stuff up today so we can get to Grumpy. Why? Everything is on top of Grumpy’s bed right now. What else is a truck for? Shelving? Right. Nope, I have to go buy a bus pass, and the truck needs to be used as transportation.

  • Need to get to the library. Would you believe I am running low on unread books? At least I got that smoky Time/Life series on photography shelved.

  • I shouldda baked the brownies for the 24 hour security and Hines yesterday for delivery today. I didn’t. I think I was doubly depressed. Now I plan a baking frenzy on Monday for delivery Tuesday. Who ever has the day off doesn’t get any. I’ll take award photos to C at the front office too. Only the one is any good.

  • I forgot to call and write Duck’s friends. I need to make a moment to do that too.

  • Today: Keeping it simple. Walk. Plan dinner using already cooked chicken…and I have broccoli. Low fat and low salt. More research when I get back from my walk. Start sewing on next block. Plan for what to take to GSR party tomorrow before football game. Read email over lunch. Stay in the now.

  • All three pair of my Reboks are dead. Two pair of walking shoes hurt, and the work shoes have the heel worn away and bits of the sole flapping as I walk.

Joan Lindgren: Google lists 475,000 hits for Joan, her life, work, lectures, classes, projects, books, and her translations. Her work spanned the globe, and her words influenced millions.

Savanah: Please stop in to see Savanah on her web page, Savanah’s Journey.

Me: Hung out at home waiting, waiting, waiting for the UPS man to deliver G’s newest computer.

G: Well………the insurance company that hired G’s company on a test basis pulled the plug yesterday, and G’s been bounced back to the data base side. Everyone who was sent back had to be retested to be rehired….except G. They pulled him off data base and put him in research….where he is pricing the construction of a on site body shop for training.

Duck: Long pauses while he tried to remember things. Only one or two laughs.

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