October 2, 2007

Just Like Baseball

Outside Grand Junction, 2006.

I’m going to walk whether I want to or not today. For some reason, despite all my best-laid plans and a day off, I still feel old and crotchety. There are dozens of things I’ve been planning to do during this off season break, and the first thing I did yesterday was pull a back muscle by my shoulder which of course complements the lower back agony and makes me feel even more crotchety.

I can’t seem to get my photoshop to save in a file it recognizes either. Gee….it just saved it and now it won’t open it. Instead of hitting myself upside the head, I’m going to do my back stuff, go for a walk, then quilt. Is today class?

Maybe I can walk to class. I call Marion B……..class is tomorrow. It’s good to hear her voice revitalized and young after her trip. Her walls are painted, the tile man is on his way there, and she is going out to lunch. Her energy and good cheer make my sloth seem depression. She jackhammers me awake and moving. I need to ignore that which doesn’t work today, get my bum out into the world walking, baking brownies, volunteering at the Library, printing my stuff for class tomorrow, and living life with a smile instead of tiredness. Tomorrow, not only is there class, Marta is coming, and at noon we take Duck to the Derm man again.

No more scratching ones self bloody no matter who you are or what you are up to. No more bloody souls either. Life is just like baseball. There’s always the next game. There’s always next year.

Savanah: Please stop in to see Savanah on her web page, Savanah’s Journey.

Me: Very tired. Back aches, et al. This is the day I find my back exercises and get started.

G: Correcting other’s errors today.

Duck: Longer pauses while he tried to remember things. All his days will be like this now.

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