October 1, 2007

Network Connectivity

A pause by the Monarch of the Seas pool. 2007.

It’s a bullet day. How ever else am I going to scribble while really being somewhere else:

  • Morning: It’s dentist day. Perhaps I should capitalize that…..Dentist Day. I have a broken back top crown, a chipped front crown, and a cracked tooth on the bottom. Yes, me, Ms. Shoptillyoudrop is really Ms. Fallingapart. I’ll be there at ten am…….after………

  • …….Bee. It’s also Monday morning with Bee…….and she’s going to want to talk ART. I have no voice. I yelled over football fans, chargers for the carts, and the cacophony of a football stadium until I sound like a used frog. She took her students to 26 gallerie’s and lunch in the middle. It was a very good day.

  • Morning: The network was kaput. When I got home from football, the Great G’dini said there were connectivity difficulties all weekend. As he left for work this morning he said, “If it’s not the modem, dial their 1-888 number and ask for network status.” I tested the modem by turning it on and off as the Great G’dini had showed me. Nope, eventually all those cute little lights came back on again. I called the Earthlink folks, and when prompted said, “network status” into appropriately placed pause.

    The computer didn’t recognize my croak as a voice and referred me to India. Since the G’Dini usually speaks the “India” in this family not me, today I was forced to reiterate the important information needed many times. After I told Miss India several versions of what, when, and where, I continued to croak that I had only wanted “network status”.

    “It’s down all over Southern California,” she reluctantly admitted.

  • A new modem has been ordered as this one has been obviously failing for some small period of time….this over my protestations that Earthlink is going kaput. Then again my news source is the Onion. Perhaps my information is tainted a bit.

  • Mid morning after the dentist: Hurrah, everything will be left as is. One filling can be replaced though…..our insurance will pay 80%, and my smile will be uniform instead of striped. Mid afternoon the new modem arrives. I can’t hook it up because I don’t speak India. I’m polite and tell them that G will call. The system is still down, and I worry about a few friends. Nothing from Carrie lately. Jean9 is in “meltdown” and very fragile. I read, I putter with books, I’m grateful when G comes home.

  • Duck: Even more pauses as he searches his memory for things that he thinks are real and we don’t.

  • After dinner at the Soup Plantation: The G’dini gets the Dell D505 is up, and has XP, WORD, Photoshop 2…which we own, Excel, Explorer, Adobe Reader 7.0. and that aught to get her started.

  • Later still: The Dell D600 has been upgraded and now won’t work with the network….which only matters because it is to be ours. All the network works again, so G and I are back-to-side working away together at last. My mouse works again……..G's computer is going online again. Oh, Hurrah……..we feel intact again. Life goes on, at last again.

  • Late: We can at last get email. Find out that Carrie’s Roy passed away Sunday. She’s relieved. After forty some years of bickering, the two of them had a good last year together traveling, seeing family, and not bickering. He was in a competent nursing home and Hospice was there to made it all easier.

  • Saturday news: Lunch with Marie in Escondido. She will be coming down here to learn about her new computer. Roy’s services will be Saturday. Marie might want to go with us. Any playoff game will be Saturday. I’m going to chance loosing my job by spending a day with my clean and sober daughter…….a very first one with just us.

Sometimes you just have to share a hug or two and punt to make the connectivity work…..indeed.

Joan Lindgren: Google lists 475,000 hits for Joan, her life, work, lectures, classes, projects, books, and her translations. Her work spanned the globe, and her words influenced millions.

Savanah: Please stop in to see Savanah on her web page, Savanah’s Journey.

Me: Two days of baseball took me right back to the back agony and no voice. None at all. I’m very discouraged. I’m very tired.

G: He’s researching building a top end body shop. He’s having fun.

Duck: Long pauses while he tried to remember things. He wore his new “Dog” sweatshirt a second day.

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