October 20, 2007


Before, above, and after below. October 2007.

Oh, I procrastinate. I do. As I walk by the patio doors, I say to myself, “You need to water those plants.”

In my case, out of sight is truly out of mind.

“Oh, it rained so I don’t have to water.”

No, that’s not a truism. There wasn’t enough water falling out of the sky to water those tired geraniums.

“G hasn’t sprayed them yet,” doesn’t make it either. Yes, they need to be sprayed for all those worms that are eating them up, but unless they get water they will die.

How about, “Succulents don’t need water.” Nope that one doesn’t work either. Succulents are water storing plants. That’s why they look so nice and plump and fat. They are full of water. Mine are wrinkled. Gee, perhaps I am not out there watering them because the cry of the succulent is driving me mad.

Can I blame it on my stroke taking my memory. I don’t think so. Perhaps I can say I haven’t been home for six months. Nope. That isn’t a good excuse at all. I’ve been home all summer for just for fewer hours every day. They got regularly watered during the heat waves, so why have I stopped watering them since I stopped working baseball. I have no excuse at all.

But let me think about it.

Washed and set for dinner. The everyday Russell Wright and Mexican gold glassware.

Me: Every day my knee gets better. Yesterday I braved walking a half mile, and today I will stand on it for eight hours…..as little as possible. Ruthlessly cleaned front deck. Today SDSU football…homecoming: 5:30 pm game.

G: Yesterday his computer crashed and corrupted all his files…..twice. Yes, he had everything backed up, but he lost four hours work. He’s washing Grumpy and visiting Duck. Perhaps doing his walk at Fry’s.

Duck: He was ok yesterday. He was concerned about his appearance, He decided he wanted to vote but with absentee ballot. He ate a lot of his dinner. BUT, he still had the same green shirt and green, dirty hat on. He does talk about his nonexistent dog more and more…..”My dog knows where that is. My dog thinks that’s so funny. My dog will remember that.”

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