October 15, 2007

A Rivalry

High tide, Ocean Beach Pier, 2007.

It was the infamous Charger/Raider game this day. Games always starts with G driving me to the main gate, and I leaping out of the car….at a green light, into traffic with my rolling bag and sense of humor. It is always a coming home to see so many people I know, to say hi, to share hugs. It’s another coming home to settle in to the paperwork, filling out all the blanks at the start of the day makes everything else easier later in the day. All I have to add are incidents or names. I can do that.

Then there’s the pep-you-up Supervisor’s meeting. I go to that now. The minute it is over, I find an employee that’s willing to work for me from the event staff gathered at the Security door. I have to be fast because there are few of those there. I walk to the other side of the stadium, train the man…they want me to pick a man, to do my job, then wait till the carts are in and the gates open. Then the cacophony begins with chants and yells, and the voices in my ear from the command post, screaming from everywhere wanting everything all backed by the sound of a band. Total noise fills your ears until there is nothing sane about anyone or anything and you can’t quite focus as you guard the tunnel and show folks their seating areas. Only at about one fifteen does the outer ring begin to quiet, the last drunks file in, the last few tents come down in the parking lot, and a big boom signals the start of the game.

This time I had to say, all day, repeatedly where the seats were, what the letters meant, while questioning why my employee wanted to go to the bathroom every half an hour. On the tickets ”P” is for Plaza; the level where we are standing. “C” is for Club and “L” is for Loge…pronounced “low-j.” Club and Loge are on the same level. “T” is for Press. That’s what I said, “T.” Above that is View, “V.” There’s Upper View, “UV,” and “LV” for Lower View. And “F” for Field. Field is one down from where we are. Usually once will do and a half hour of memorization of the map.

I sent him off to find the two doors and stairs down to the Field level. Actually seeing the doors and stairs always helps. Then, for the rest of the day, I told him over and over again what the letters meant. Maybe he had huge bits of brain damage to go with his rotten teeth. Maybe he hadn’t been clean or sober very long. I gave him the benefit of the doubt….but he only got a grade of “C-“ because of the bathroom runs. Yes, I have to grade them.

Halftime and smokers. I had my kid move them on before they were evicted. Halftime and one man was taking a crap in the corner by the gate. My trainee and I watched him amazed, then stayed amazed as he whipped out his rally flag and wiped inside his shorts before throwing the flag away. A row of cops also watched in amazement. As he was throwing the flag away, the cops were donning their rubber gloves prior to handcuffing him.

At the very end, with thousands rushing out the gate in front of me, one little old Charger man knocked down another little Raider old man. Left him crumpled with a leg bent oddly. I called it in, cops chased the Charger supported, paramedics arrived and transported the Raider old man, and the Charger guy was arrested. I sent my employee home and relaxed for a brief moment. All grew peaceful until I tried to use my radio a last time.

I could hear them; they could not hear me. Same thing with the lady at the gate in front of me. I found a management person, opened my gate to traffic, and fled to tell the bosses my radio didn’t work and run away to call G and take the trolley toward Fashion Valley. Cell phones are wonderful. There G was. Waiting with a smile and stories of Halloween goodies. Heaven.

Me: Friday night dinner with the Feasters. Both G and I grew ill…..very bloated. I was in agony. Home early. MSG….probably.

Yesterday: The call of the, “Please don’t walk, roll, drive through the grease went unnoticed. There’s something terribly ineffectual about me or my voice. Even the old cops noticed no one was paying attention. Then again, I seem to inspire product loyalty. The last two people I trained came up to me and asked if they could work for me again. I had already picked someone who turned out to be untrainable. Oh well. Yes too, the Chargers won.

G: Had a very busy day, touching up the paint, cooking dinner, buying Halloween stuff for Duck to give away, playing online, picking me up, and living a good day. His pot roast was really good. I was very grateful….and then he washed the dishes too. Miracle man indeed.

Duck: G found both Duck and Fred watching CNN on Ducks TV. The cable is leading both of them out of isolation in to more sociability. This is really good. They said they would turn it off, but G said no and pulled up a chair.

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  1. Ah gee. Yes, I know the Chargers won. [insert long-suffering sigh] In a way, it only seemed fair, since you had to put up with all the crazies from both sides. (smile) For what it's worth, I was sending you all the helpful mojo I could to tide you over. The Raiders are my team but you are my friend!


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