October 10, 2007


With purple shoe.

  • Teeth: I now have all my front teeth the semi the same color. I feel triumphant. That one very old yellowed filling always seemed so very limiting.

  • Class: Few there. I got there an hour into it and missed much I wanted to hear. Then again, I learned……that’s what I go there for.

  • Came home to work on the shoes piece: An illustration to pick it up? Yes, so out go ALL the shoes. Hours of work making the background white while working on the details, and the reality is that I’m not fond of either one…..oh well.

  • Bottom line: Art got in the way of life and there was a dramatic last minute rush to get the shoes put away and last nights dishes in the dishwasher before G got home. Dinner for tonight was to be squash, salad, and half muffin which devolved into quarter squash, salad and hamburgular pattie….not so dietary but good and made G happy.

Me: Doing………

G: better.
Duck: Delighted to see us but shoed us home again. Sometimes he seems so very clear.

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