November 28, 2007

An, "Ah Well," Kind of Day

”I can’t find those red birds,” himself searching in 2007.

It was one of those, “Ah well,” days. I did manage to make a dent in my list tho. That was the good part to my day.

All but one load of laundry got done. I got a clipboard purchased. In purple too…..maybe I will notice it if I leave it on a counter. I got the felt and glued it to the bottom of my tray. I made it to the dentist. I got meds and more meds. After a quickie trip through both Penney’s and Nordies, ordered at one and got rid of at the other and told a supervisor what I thought about their banishing both favorite brands of shoes, and went to dinner at California Pizza. Ommmmmmmmm.

I didn’t get to the bank, but Nordies gave me back cash. I didn’t get the quilt washed tho it is now down in Grumpy’s bed but can now that I have Nordies cash. I didn’t get groceries. That’s why I got to eat out. More Ommmmmmmmmmm.

The day came to a halt when I went to the dentist. That back tooth has a cracked root and nothing can be done to save it. I want you to know I was depressed about this. I’ve spent years trying hard to keep my remaining teeth. I lost two when a dentist thought my jaw ache was a tooth when it was a sinus infection. We are going to try to keep this tooth as long as possible. Antibiotics help. Extra attention will help. But it still has to come out in the end.

Unfortunately, it is the anchor for the partial that fills in where the fool dentist pulled those two teeth. Very depressing. I am a good candidate to have a tooth implanted, but that will cost about $4,500.00. The good part is that the partial I have now can be adapted. Ah well, indeed.

Me: Depressed about my tooth.
G: Is on a new team at work. He’s having fun again.
Family: Marie has signed up for all her classes at Palomar College, and they include writing, her fire classes, math, and Art 101. She is a very talented artist.

Who People Are: (A request)
G: Dear husband. The man who came to dinner in 1983.
Duck: A man I met while sun tanning on the beach in 1972. He twelve stepped me into AA, and we are friends and caretakers now that he has dementia and is in a nursing home.
Marie: Oldest Daughter who is in recovery and raising one daughter MA, 3.
Lenore: Second Daughter who is raising daughter Mohave, 14.
Bee: Old friend and Sponsor.
Ba: Close friend who I talk with every Monday morning.
Grumpy: 1995 Chevy short bed step side pick up truck who was born with an electrical short and went through an appalling number of clutches in his first few years.
Grandkids: There are 14, and the eldest girl is in Bagdad, while the youngest lives in Escondido. There is even one five year old growing up in Spain, Anna.
Friends: There is a cast of a few, and for them, like Kay in Northern California or Cee, in Oregon, I am very grateful.
Family: My immediate family has died. I do have two first cousins, one of whom I am in contact with often, “Cuz T.” G has a delightful brother and his wife who live in Utah. They have truly brilliant kids who have delightful kids of their own too.


  1. How many forests of Christmas trees are you guys planning on decorating? Heavens, you would laugh if you saw the small cardboard box that holds our whole collection. It must take you days and days to place all those decorations. All the best.

  2. I commiserate with you about the potential loss of a tooth. I only have 11 teeth left. I have wondered about implants but the cost is prohibitive. I think I will find a dentist in Mexico. We had crowns put on there a couple of years ago and the cost was about a fourth of what it costs here in the States.
    I asked around here for a referral. I know a lot of people who go to Algodones for dental work. My sister had work done there the last two years and she drove down from Phoenix. Algodones is near Yuma.


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