November 10, 2007


I was in the Army at the beginning of our participation in the Vietnam War when we were sending advisors to Vietnam. After I had been out of the service and in college, I found myself protesting against the war in Vietnam. If the French couldn’t win, could we? Did we belong over there when we had so many who were hungry here? So many who needed so much here at home? I didn’t think so.

We committed a fatal error with that protest. We young and passionate marchers didn’t separate those who were at war from the war itself. Many felt the alienation, drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness after that war was due to a lack of acceptance when they got home.

Now deep into another war, we are doing our best to correct this mistake. Personally, I feel this beer advertisement is a bit over the top. Then again, its sentimental garbage at a time there is a need for sentimental garbage. There was no sentiment during the Vietnam war, but there was during previous wars. It made a difference. Today I’ll take this “over the top” and run with it because now I know this kind of thinking matters.

Duck: He had no idea where his new sweater came from, but he was wearing it. He was warm too.

Me: Spent the day downloading and printing things we needed for the trip until the printer stopped printing.

G: Celebrating. Is there a song out there titled, “On Vacation?”

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