November 4, 2007


Minnie May Robson and Maude Amy Robson Gunthorp in steamer chairs. Styling gramma Maudie indeed.

I dreamed all night of Joan.

Tossing and turning and grinding my teeth, Joan was there filling my mind, beautiful, with her hair flying, her words clear, penetrating our masks. Guitar in hand. Politics and passionate opinions tucked firmly under her arms. Forging ahead. She was there right there much like I was before I went mad. I went mad as a hatter, bonkers, insane.….and so I missed graduating to the next level. She kept moving. So last night, I dreamed of her. Reminded by her that I could still be what ever I was going to be.

Sometimes dreams really do say it all.

Today I need to let those memories sink in. Hers and mine both. I want to move about, move to let my thinking become me, settle a bit into my nest and tidy the firestorm away while I let life move on.

I had reached for clothes to wear to her memorial service yesterday and found I had pleats. To many, fashion doesn’t matter a lot. To others, a core part of their being is staying in tune with the fashionably dressed world. I’ve been trying to stay demimonde, half there…perhaps only five or ten years out of touch.

Shall I tell you that my wonderful, magic slacks, wool and fully lined, were purchased new well over twenty years ago. My second best slacks were discovered to have a spot to go with their pleats. Nomonde is me this day. I wear pleats.

Today, I’m not bothering to roll up my cuffs, eat a peach, or wear a red hat with an unsuitable purple dress. I just want to have a twinge of style while I remind myself of who I am and what I’m attempting to do. Rediscovery of yourself in demimonde is akin to passion in iambic pentameter or a demi-plie on your way to elevation in three quarter time. Without pleats indeed.

The beloved person must I think
have entered
the summer mountain;
for the coocoo is singing
with a louder note.

Ki No Akimine, Ninth Century.

Me: Amvets: found the perfect cashmere black coat….half 69 bucks too. Exactly what I wanted for years. Memorial service: far more cared than they expected. Marvelous slide show. Later, the nieces home was just Joan’s kind of place.

Today I am home bonding. G bonding. Plant and journal bonding. Maybe, see if the fat lady section of Macy’s has a good pair of black, lined, wool pants on sale.

G: Setting watches and clocks and time in general. Relaxing. Laundry.

Duck: A midday visit.

Fires: Check out the Firefighter Blog. And too see the articles in the San Diego Union/Tribune.

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  1. Your pleats are just your way of "singing with a louder note".

    I hadn't heard of Ki No Akimine. Now I can go exploring. Thank you.


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