November 29, 2007


All those boxes for only a few ornaments, and those are only the red, gold, stripy, and special ones. November 2007.

I too am settling back into life after our nine day train trip. Vacations are a wonderful contrast to the aching back, tired orts, and agonious maximus of the worn out feet I get at baseball. For some reason, I don’t have that trouble at football what ever site I work tho the hours are the same. I need to see if I can analyze what I do physically at football that differs from my baseball activities. If it were not for baseball, I would not be able to take these vacations.

Yes, I have stopped being such a sloth and begun crunches and leg lifts again.

I had nothing to offer in class yesterday, but the new teacher said of the Plaid piece “Very well done. Thoughtful, insightful, frank and unyielding yet kind.” I feel I need humor in it too or it won’t work. I tried for hours yesterday to interject a little humor, but it didn’t quite work. Perhaps I can turn “Plaid” into a poem for the Writers Digest Poetry Contest. Or maybe not. I already flipped the application in to the trash.

I had a ball at our new, giant, spread out over two buildings at the old Naval Training Center, NTC, Von’s yesterday. Rarely do I shop with coupons, but yesterday I had “new Von’s” coupons in hand and saved about twenty bucks on a weeks worth of food. Of such small triumphs is a day made.

I tried Gemma’s Cobbler last night, and I didn’t dot the top with enough butter. I added sugar and the prepared apples didn’t need more sugar. I tell you, that was great stuff anyway. All that sugar was a great antidote to our anger at the Derm Doc and the Nursing Home last night. We just got amped up and G went off to a board meeting.

Did I say they decided they need fresh life on the board. Did G start that rumor? He’s not going to run again as he says “they” don’t listen to him. They don’t. Then again, he could be pushier and shorter winded. I didn’t say that.

Perhaps this should have been a bulleted entry. A graphic device is obviously needed to pull all the disparate parts of my life together into a whole. Maybe I just need to pray harder for Dave Dog to get home, and let all else fall by the wayside. Disparate lives are truly the norm on our planet. I’m disparated indeed and laughing all the way somewhere.

Duck: Despite their protestations that they would get him changed, Duck had on the same clothes G put him in three days ago. They had taken him to the Derm Doc, and he prescribed nothing. Duck was sitting there scratching his legs to a bloody mess. The nurse dispensing meds said he wasn’t hers and was initially too busy to come see why I was boiling mad. The Derm Doc didn’t return G’s call. We were both steaming mad.

Me: Half my mouth is vastly better. Worked more on “Plaid,” and was sad to know that I have not one poem that has not previously been published here to submit for the Writers Digest Poetry Awards.

G: Is on a new team at work. He’s still settling back in at work after the vacation. We are going to the movies Friday. Imagine.

List: Washing the quilt, putting the journal in boxed orner, and ditto to the taxes are still on my list of things to get done.

Any Send your support to a soldier in harms way. It’s nearing the holidays. Perhaps you would like to send off a box to someone in the military. There are things you can’t send too. Read the pages before you send anything.

Weather: Warmer during the day and flat out cold at night…..brrrrrrrr. We love it, and the new heater works.


  1. Glad that you are feeling your industrious self again. Ten days holidays and ten days recuperation. Sound just about right.

  2. I love the bits and pieces you give of your life. I feel like I'm putting a puzzle together to find out who you are. Great stuff!
    Ruthe Karlin


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