November 24, 2007

An End To Sloth

Landscapes: A Mission Style farm with watchtower and water tower combined. Photos from the train are usually G’s as my camera doesn’t have image stabilization but some are mine. Central Valley, California, 2007.

We had a fun day playing house yesterday. We started putting up holiday things a la my friend Cee, and I switched the living room colors from blue to red….a simple act of switching pillow covers and pottery. It was G’s last weekday off this vacation, and our last weekday together. I work both days this weekend.

I am grateful that I didn’t lose my job while I was gone.

Yes, I had worried a bit about this. That last Aztecs game was missed because of Joan’s memorial service which was at the exact same time, and I confess to fleeing town to Seattle during the last Charger’s game. I had dreams of some giant figure leaning down and saying in a deep hollow voice, “You committed to work the entire season.” So it was with some trepidation I came home and found I was still employed as a part time, temporary, hourly security guard….of all things.

Today twelve noon to whenever the game is over, I run the main Guest Service office. Tomorrow I revert to yelling at food service workers at the entrance to Ramp F from nine to whenever. I can do this as they now pay me an appallingly large sum to stand and talk. I may not be able to see, have any hand eye coordination, walk or stand well at all, or even think well, but boy I can talk. No more hanging around on the computer for me, I’m up and into action again. Just for this weekend, I’m banishing sloth.

Sloth was so much fun.

Duck: Wearing clean clothes. Didn’t remember that the day before had been Thanksgiving. Told us all that he had sent his clothes to the cleaners.

Me: Enjoying the warmth. Made a red living room.

G: Got heat! Planning to do laundry.

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