November 22, 2007

Landscapes of My Mind

Landscapes, Photo credits, M&G, 2007.

I offer some tidbits from the last trip to you all on this Thanksgiving. We are off today to spend part of the day at the nursing home with Duck. We are very thankful that we know him. To share dinner…at twelve, was only five bucks a plate. We paid our five bucks. We are delighted to be able to be with him this day. This year, we know he will remember we were there.

Life is a bunch of “what ifs” indeed. What if I hadn’t been sitting near Duck that one summer? Would any of us have this world we have now?

Would I have died? I don’t think I would have lasted much longer. Would I have met Bee who introduced me to my dear G?

I am very thankful to all of you who stop in and read. Have a happy Thanksgiving all of you and don’t eat too much.

Duck: He seemed to enjoy the pictures to a certain point. He did enjoy our company. The staff meeting went well with us voicing our issues and they saying he was doing well there socially. Now if they just keep him clean and fix his itchies, we will be a happy couple.

Me: I still have not weighed. Have cut out most of the fat tho. I had to buy new shoes today…..what a story. Years ago, twenty some, I thought I was just out to run an errand with G. We ended up at a mall, and I said I couldn’t walk the mall in my slippers. We bought a pair of Easy Spirit black shoes at Nordies that day. Just two weeks ago, I pulled them out to take on the train trip but decided against it. Put them on today. Noticed sole was cracked. By the time we got to Fashion Valley, they were multi cracked. Tried on Easy Spirit and Hush Puppies at JC Penney’s, too small, walked out….and the soles began biodegrading as I walked. I left giant chunks of shoe soles behind me all the way to Nordies. “We don’t carry those brands any more. We upgraded into something more comfortable.” I spent a small fortune, and I look cute. I am not more comfortable. Nope. As we walked back into the main part of the mall, there was a custodian following the trail of broken sole bits with her broom and trash bucket.

G: The Duck meeting first. Put up with me, dear man, afterwards. Got shoes. Tried on more, went to more stores, and finally got him his new phone. Same plan, it was just update time. Took pictures to Duck.

Dinner: Wednesday: Baked potatoe with salsa fresca just the way they taught him to make it in Mexico. He’s got a new job in this house……..salsa maker. Thanksgiving: With Duck at his nursing home. Can’t think of a better way of being thankful.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones as well! I am thankful for discovering your blog. All the best.


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